Abia Gov’t against plot to shutdown government activities through jankara Court orders

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The attention of the Abia State Government and indeed all peace loving Abians has been drawn to a mischievous, contrived and careless Court Exparte Order purporting to shut down the Government of Abia State through the freezing of all it’s accounts in various financial institutions.

This thoughtless move by misfits ostensibly acting a mendacious script written by a cowardly cacophony of overzealous political turncoats is aimed at grounding the Government and in so doing instigate civil unrest in Abia State.

As always, close allies and lackeys of the Governor – elect, Chief Alex Otti and their Media accolytes have been openly celebrating this mutinous , devilish and deliberate act of subterfuge thereby lending credence to the belief in some quarters that this is a judicial coup d’etat: targeted at subverting the Government and or it’s institutions in a manner not provided for in the Constitution. As we all know, no arm of government has a lawful right to ground the other for any reason whatsoever.

Moreso, a newly elected Governor should know that he was elected for 4 years and cannot interfere in the Administration of an incumbent ! Respect for rule of law and constituted authority is a prerequisite for being a Democrat. Talking from both sides of the mouth , sending conflicting signals, saying one thing publicly to appear sanctimonious while copiously being fingerered as the one actively instigating the opposite behind the scenes and all such acts of duplicity are not the temperament required for such an exalted office.

We warned everyone about this trademark hypocrisy .We went round the State telling those who were being carried away with the Obi Wave in Abia that unlike the amiable Peter Obi, the character we have here is a vindictive, tyrannical emperor who will gleefully waste Abia State time and resources in pursuit of perceived, imaginary enemies and vain glory. We want to believe that those wtho want to lead us are not the ones behind the individuals involved in this heinous act as is now being widely speculated.

It will be recalled that few hours after the INEC rightly or wrongly declared a winner in the just concluded Abia Gubernatorial Elections , Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu took the higher ground and in a critical move that jolted everyone, magnanimously congratulated him – thus stretching out his hands of fellowship in the interest of peace ,security and progress of our Dear State.

Ironically, as people who are primarily out to settle personal scores, elements within the Labour Party are now spurning this statesmanship of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu while making statements that butress the notion that they have been merely seeking office to selectively cheery pick key opposition political players for vendetta and persecution.

This is a paradox as one cannot be dining and winning with known political dinosaurs simply because they have defected few weeks ago from other parties to his Labour Party, while perfecting plans to harass, humiliate and destroy Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and the faithfuls of the Peoples Democratic Party in Abia State.

The ongoing unintelligent and unprecedented mishap of shutting down the Government of Abia State using a kangaroo, jankara Judgement manufacturered in far away Abuja in the Okon Abang style is a clear signal of the mindset of desperados. Unfortunately, infomation avaliable to Government indicate that more of such thoughtless, illegal moves are in the offing.

The danger in this macabre dance is that if they continue this way, sooner than later, the atmosphere of peace and security carefully sustained, enjoyed and even taken for granted by some Abians will suddenly evaporate – giving way to a new wave of killings and persecution under the gestapo style of an imperial impetuous leadership This disaster, foretold by all well-meaning members of the Abia Community is now unravelling , albeit too quickly, before our very eyes.

Abia State is not the only State whose ruling Party was not declared winner by INEC during the last Elections. Why then is the Governor- elect known to be the only one daily making open threats and still strutting to Media Houses to demarket the outgoing Governor and Government for personal reasons.? If the incoming Administration is truly searching for culprits, they will readily find them in their sitting rooms amongst their new found allies and enablers.This is because over 90 percent of the membership of the current Labour Party in Abia State today were , until recently, key players in the ruling Parties at the State and National level.

Lest we forget, In 2015, Nigerians witnessed the same thing when PDP and former President Jonathan was harassed out of Aso Rock by a mixed mob of disgruntled politicians and unsuspecting citizens. As is now happening in Abia, a so called saint was clothed in all manner of borrowed robes amid the deafening sounds of those maddening moments. Alas, today, with terrorism and economic destruction now our new normal in Nigeria, people who foolishly joined the persecution of Jonathan are living in utter regret. Sirs, could this be the same scenario already playing out ? The vicious cycle some people are engineering and applauding today is an evil wind that must be avoided by all concerned.

Government wishes to warn all emissaries of destabilisation to immediately retrace their steps and allow a peaceful and seamless transition of Power come May 29th, 2023. The Security Agencies have also been alerted to ensure that Governance is not frustrated and law and order is maintained. There is absolutely no need for the hurry, harassment and armtwisting tactics now being perpetrated by elements within the Labour Party in Abia State. Those who have offered to serve should not be seen to be engaging in childish grandstanding, lawlessness and sheer brigandage .

Government appeals to peace loving Abians to remain calm as we shall not be drawn into anything that will destabilize our dear State because of ambition or crass meanness of some political actors.

For the avoidance of doubt, the life span of the current democratically elected Administration subsists till 29 May and we shall excercise all powers thereto to maintain the peace, security, stability and prosperity of Abia State till the aforesaid date.


Barr Eze Chikamnayo
Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy Abia State

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