A man with murder cases don’t throw banters against his brothers – Chris Nwagboso

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A man who has MURDER & KIDNAPPING Cases packed in his Official Case Files does not throw banters against his brothers who have evidence of his crimes. Murder & Kidnapping are capital offenses anywhere in the world.

Relevance in Politics is not equal to banters.

Rather, relevance in Politics is achievable via possession of intelligence, creativity, innovation and one’s ability to achieve evidence-based results in any assignment assigned to him.

A good record of one’s previous stewardship in a political system is also part of the general evaluation/assessment of one’s administrative competence to occupy future public offices in a political system.

Banters are by no means, credible criteria for consideration. Only criminals assess their members via ability to throw banters, posession of fierce red eyes, ability to engage in fierce mob actions and several other uncivilized, primitive and moribund criteria.

I, therefore, advised as follows:

CAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your case files and content are still there!

Dr Chris Nwagboso,
Umuehim Nvosi,
Isiala Ngwa South LGA.

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