Senator T.A Orji, thank you by Enyinnaya Appolos



Ukwa-Ngwa people are not ingrates. They are nice people. Very accommodating. Very hospitable. They always say ‘thank you’ when you do well. They do not betray trust. They don’t pay evil for good.

Yesterday, they gathered at Ngwa High School in Osisioma Ngwa LGA, to say thank you to the former Governor of the state, and Senator representing Abia Central Senatorial District, Sen. Theodore Ahamefula Orji, a proud son of Ibeku…

What did T.A Orji do to warrant a ‘thank you’ gathering?

Prior to 2015, there were efforts by some group of people to ensure that Senator Orji worked against the Abia Charter of Equity, which the founding fathers of the state enshrined.

These elements wanted T.A Orji to go the way of his predecessor, Chief Orji Uzo Kalu, who after promising that power will move to Ukwa-Ngwa after his 8 years tenure, 1999-2007, reneged, and supported an attempt by some political elements who never wanted power shift in the state, they preferred that power remained in the Old Bende bloc of the state, and they had their way with the emergence of Senator Orji in 2007 as Governor, 2007 to 2015.

Though Orji Kalu set a precedent, by an Old Bende (Kalu) handing over power to another Old Bende (Orji), but that move cannot be completely wrong politically, because he (Kalu) is of Abia North, and handed over power to Orji, of Abia Central.

Therefore, those crucifying Kalu for not supporting power shift to Ukwa-Ngwa in 2007, sentimentally may have a point, but it can be argued politically after all.

It would have been politically wrong and disastrous if those who worked against power shift to Abia South (core Ukwa-Ngwa) in 2015 had succeeded. But Senator Orji stood his ground to ensure that no part of Abia is marginalized. He insisted that not under his watch will the sacred Abia Charter of Equity, be desecrated by some desperate politicians.

That singular act of ‘stubbornness’ by Sen. Orji deprived him votes and supports from his section of Abia Central during the 2015 senatorial election, but the Ukwa-Ngwa section of Abia Central, stood by him and graciously rewarded him with massive votes that made him winner of the Abia Central senatorial election in 2015.

That is Ukwa-Ngwa people for you. They stood their ground and ensure that Senator Orji made history as the first former Governor in Abia to go to the senate. They ensured he was not disgraced or defeated by those who never wanted power shift in the state.

This is why Ukwa-Ngwa people decided to say ‘Thank you’ to Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji, for insisting that power MUST shift to Abia South, despite the pressure and push by some political elements.

Let’s leave the rest of the matter for another day. Senator Orji, it’s your day, please enjoy your thank you gathering by those who truly love you. You did well, you deserve a thank you gathering. Ukwa-Ngwa people will never forget. Congrats Sir.

• Mazi Enyinnaya Appolos writes from Ancestors Court


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