BREAKING: IPOB ask Alex Otti to cancel invitation extended to Ex-head of State Yakubu Gowon.

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The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU advise Dr. Alex Oti, the incoming Governor of Abia State not to commence his tenure with insulting the memories of our people massacred during the 1967 Genocide against the Biafran people.

He must not take the goodwill of our people for granted by such reckless action if indeed he is the person behind Gowon’s invitation to his inauguration. It is very imparative that he cancel the invitation of the genocidist General Yakubu Gowon to his inaugural prayers scheduled for Sunday, April 23, 2023. The genocidist Yakubu Gowon is not welcomed into Biafra Land for anything, including prayers.

IPOB want to believe that Dr. Oti can not and will not exhibit this high level of insensitivity to invite a man who led the massacre of Biafrans during the genocidal war into Biafraland as his first act as the newly elected governor of Abia State. Dr. Oti cannot claim ignorance of the attrocities of Yakubu Gowon in the genocide that consumed over 5 million Biafrans, including women and children, unless he want to prove himself a willing tool of the Sokoto caliphate for further subjugation of Biafra Nation? If Dr. Oti wants to be a stooge for the Sokoto caliphate, we advise him to repent now or have Biafrans to contend with. He should understand that Abia people want freedom from the clutches of successive and insensitive political godfathers who have looted Abia resources. That is why they massively voted and defended their votes for him. He should never take that for granted. Dr. Alex Oti has Abia people’s mandate and should never mortgage Abia State to the caliphate like the Supreme Court governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma did. Otherwise, Ala Igbo will consume him.

Yakubu Gowon is a mass murderer whose government massacred millions of Biafrans and starved millions of Biafra children to death. To date, the mass murderer has not rendered any apologies for the genocide against Biafrans. If indeed he has repented, why hasn’t he paid restitution for his murderous actions? In many countries, genocidists like Gowon have been prosecuted and sentenced to death by hanging while others are serving life imprisonment. But in a banana Republic country called the zoo Nigeria, the Biafran genocidists are walking free, honored, and rewarded.

That’s why the likes of Gowon are claiming to be prayer worriors for Biafrans. What an insult?
If a man whose hands are soiled with the blood of innocent Biafran children is the same one that his prayers will bring blessings to the land of Biafra, then we don’t need those blessings.

Satan doesn’t bring any thing good and if Dr. Oti insists on this part, he should bear in mind that his tenure will be doomed for the 4 years he will be in office. IPOB is waiting for him and ready to confront his government and make his government ungovernable if he continues in this line of action.

Unrepentant and unapologetic mass murderer Yakubu Gowon is not welcomed for any prayers not only in Abia State but in the entirety of Biafraland for that matter. Therefore, we are urging the Abia State Governor-elect to look inside Igbo Land and invite honest and truthful elders for his inauguration prayers. Igbo Land has a number of good and responsible men and women whose prayers will go to our Chukwu Okike Abiama faster than a blood sucking hypocrite. The blood of innocent Biafran children murdered and starved to death by Yakubu Gowon are crying out for vengeance.

IPOB want to believe that the story of inviting Gowon to his inauguration is false but IPOB does not work with hope this is why IPOB is making its position very clear and unequivocal.

Dr Alex Oti is advised sincerely not to be in the same bed with Biafran enemies. He must not betray the hope and aspirations of Abians who risked their lives to ensure he emerged as the governor. He must listen and feel the pulse of the people before taking action. Ndigbo and Abia People in particular do not welcome the invitation of a mass murderer of Biafrans to prayers in Biafra Land.

The governor elect can be rest assured that IPOB will be his most ardent supporter and defender if he has come as a governor to work for the good and benefit of Abia people. However, if the contrary is the case then he should be ready to contend with IPOB. We the IPOB family worldwide only become confrontational and against politicians when they the politicians in words and action make it clear and obvious that they are not in politics or in authority to work for the good and welbeing of our people and for the developement of our land. If Gowon sets his feet in Biafraland, Dr Alex Oti alone must take responsibility for whatever happens on that day of his inauguration.


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  1. Actually the information received is that It’s not the Governor Elect that invited Gowon but an organization called Nigeria Prays.Otii was merely invited by the organiser.


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