Blood no longer thicker than water – Portable

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Popular street-hop artiste, Portable has ‘cancelled’ the long-standing saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’.

Blood is thicker than water is an English proverb, meaning that familial bonds will always be stronger than other relationships.

The ‘Zazu’ crooner said the proverb has lost it essence in contemporary times, arguing it no longer held water.

Portable said in recent times, strangers and non-blood relations do better in rendering assistance to people than their blood relatives would.

He said: “Back in the days, they used to say, ‘Blood is thicker than water’. Nowadays, la eti e ko ma gbo (open your ears and listen) blood is no more thicker.

“Outsiders, strangers now dey help us pass our relatives. Why? Because there’s no love in the city.

“If you get money naim dem dey show love. No love in our city. You dey hear?

“Zazu! Mama once told me, there are some people, no matter how tasty you are, never ask them for water. Shongbo?! (Do you understand?)

“Thanks to those people wey dey show us love.

“There are some people, if dem never get money, e get one character wey dem go dey show. But when them don get money, dem go show another character.”

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