Amaobi Ogah and Last Kicks of a Dying Horse By Uchenna Uzor Okoli

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When a man becomes suspicious of anything and everything around him, rattles by every drop of leaf from a tree around, it leaves no doubt in the mind that he has been mentally caged by the shadows of his ugly past. This can best describe Amaobi Ogah’s open frustration.

Amaobi’s recent attacks on the judiciary to intimidate and bully the custodians of the temple of justice, leaves a lot to be desired.

Even if we all know how poorly Amaobi could reason or speak sometimes, I think any adult of his age should have known that a courts relies on strength of arguments and facts presented before it to arrive at judicial pronouncements. Otherwise, his display of delibrate ignorance would force the believe out of anyone that he is that man who comes to the market with nothing and is ready to burn the investment of others to the ground because he has nothing to lose.

Ideally, he should know that grandstanding does not win a case. In fact, grandstanding, falsehood and tantrums are signs of guilt. Needless to resort to negative emotions, where one has a solid evidence to backup his or her case. That’s why the judiciary has been described as the last hope of the common man.

This explains why the Nigerian judiciary is held in high esteem because it has continue to stand it’s ground, even in the face extreme intimidation and provocation from characters like Amaobi

Recently, the Appeal Court restored the mandate of the Osun State governor, earlier quashed by the tribunal and Amaobi was one those who celebrated that judgment. This is one of the too many evidences that the Nigerian judiciary good at it’s mandate.

In retrospect, the Nigeria’s Fourth republic, have seen the Nigerian judiciary rose to the occasions, to restore stolen mandate at other times, those who’re seen to have usurped other people’s seats are removed from office, and mandate restored to original owners.

Suffice it to mention a few. We were all witness to how the former governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi was in a bizarre manner, removed from office in 2006. After a very thorough judicial process, the court restored him back to the office. When the former leader of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, was rigged out in the 2007 governorship election in Edo State, it took the resilience and diligent Nigerian courts to restore his mandate to him. Politically, the judiciary has contributed significantly the survival and enrichment of democracy in the Fourth Republic (1999-2023.

This fact has been roundly adjudged locally and internationally. That’s why many Nigerians and in particular, the good people of Isiukwato/Ummuneochi Federal Constituency, are caught jaw-dropped about the brazen and reckless manner with which the Labour Party candidate for Isiukwato/Ummuneochi federal consistency in the February legislative election, Amaobi Ogah, is gallivanting, looking for how to discredit the hard earned good reputation of the Nigerian judiciary with preemptive blackmail. This is nothing but a desperate move by a desperate man looking for sympathy where there is none.

An age-long saying has it that “He who must come to equity’ must come with clean hands.”. Why has Amaobi Ogah resorted to drag the revered Hon. Justice Halima Saleeman, the Hon. Justices of Panel 1 into the mud, simply because his machinations are falling apart like pack of cards?

Renegades like Amaobi Ogah and his henchmen are never satisfied, where things are done decently, without cutting corners. He lives in the mus perpetually. That’s why he has no qualms dragging, maligning and mudslinging the Hon Justice Halima Sulleman, who’s only offence, is refusing to fall for the dirty machinations of Amaobi and his gang of election riggers. Let it be know to Amaobi and his henchmen that the lake chicken has crossed the rubicon, and there is no going back. His angered is that his attempt to sneak into the national assembly through the back door is meeting a brick wall.

Suffice it drum into Amaobi’s nom skull that the court is not where emotion and blackmail strives. Not even intimidation works here. Cases are only judged on their own merits. In this case, what the enemies (Amaobi and his cohorts), connived to steal from the good people of Isiukwato/Ummuneochi in February are been recovered, and no stone will be left unturned in this pursuit. Amaobi’s recent antics is like the last kick of a dying horse. If he likes, he should jump into the lagoon, nobody cares, justice must be done. Amaobi and Co thought they can rape democracy and escape very far from the arm of the law. The judiciary in Nigeria have proven that wrong many times. The arm of the law is strong and long enough to catch up with the like of Amaobi and Co.

For the records, in the last 16 years, Hon Onyejeocha has demonstrated what’s possible, where a leader has overcome selfishness and greed. She has shown that it’s possible for a leader to grow above pedestal and narrow considerations. Amaobi cannot interrupt the good work with craftiness. The Holy Bible says in Job 5:12 “God disappointed the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise….” Amaobi and his gang arrived too late. God has gone ahead of them. The one with God is the majority. Because Hon Nkeiruka Onyejeocha did not betray her people and God, all frowardness of Amaobi’s won’t stand her way.

Isaiah 44:25 says that God frustrated the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad. That’s what Amaobi is suffering. Because his intentions for the good people of Isiukwato/Ummuneochi is filthy and corrupt, God has turned his counsel to foolishness. He has continued to make one mistake after the other. Given the track records of the last 16 years, the purity of Hon Onyejeocha intentions are genuine and pure. She has justified beyond all reasonable doubt that her intentions for the people is advancement, development and progress.

To Amaobi and his band of mischief makers, let it be known that no amount of lies, falsehood and deceit can hoodwink or arm artist the ongoing judicial process.

The law will run it’s full course. If he truly won the February legislative election, needless to run from pillar to post, the way he’s doing. In a legal dispute, one party has the burden of proof to show that they are correct, that’s exactly what Hon Onyejeocha and her legal team is doing. Seeing that his tissues of lies and evil intrigues are falling apart, Amaobi had to resort to evil schemes, intimidation and grandstanding.

Those too will fail him because lies, falsehood and deceit are like darkness, they can’t withstand light. Darkness only strives where light is absent. Amaobi represents darkness because of his evil intentions, while Hon Onyejeocha epitomises light. The two can never co-exist. One must give way for the other. The judgment day is here!

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