A Nation With Many Independence Days By Ubong Essien

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The colonial masters came into Nigeria, they took away our rights, freedom and privileges. We were left with nothing than an irresistible loyalty. We were more than captives. We gruped in bondage of our colonial masters.

After much agitation for freedom, came the exodus of our captors in 1960. We were in celebration galore, acknowledging an independence of our nation. So it was assumed that we had gotten independence.

As the nation and her citizens wallowed in the euphoria of independence from the colonists, shortly came the truncating of the government by the military juncta. The military then took over the freedom of the people in a span of years.

And as God would like, power drifted away from the military junta. Then we began another regime; a civil rule. Nigerians again had cause to celebrate yet another independence; a break away from the shackles of the military. The military was worsely criticised, condemned and denounced. May 29 every year was fixed for the celebration of victory over evil. This day has come to stay as a day that Nigeria got independence from the military monster that had infested the ruling class.

Still while we are drowned in this euphoria of a new dawn, behold an emerging monster surfaces. The surfacing of yet another monster, perhaps will leave Nigerians with the hope of another independence.

Currently, the politicians and the public office holders who were supposed to see about the welfare of the citizens are of the opposite. Wailing and gnashing of teeth have become the portions of the citizens. The democracy we were anxious of has only left us with civil rule as we are yet to attain a democratic statue. Yes, we are only in civil rule.

The politicians and public office holders have deliberately expunged democratic institutionalisation from government and governance. The people never have a voice in selecting their representatives. The people never have a say in governance. The people cry out and are never heard. They would do everything to cease the voice of the people to cry out. They take their own welfare more serious than that of the people. They make politics so lucrative, as they turn it to a professional field. And governance is relegated to the background. The said political field becomes a cult; if you are not part, you get relegated and are unfortunate .

Every field of endeavor is shutting down for politics. Now, politics reigns and politicians excel. The monster is glowing and the cult is enriching. But the common man is relegated, extricised, subjugated and oppressed.

It will take another regime of independence to be free from the political monster of our ruling class. Nigerians need freedom from our opulent, self aggrandized, and oppressive ruling class.

We have had freedom from the British colonialists, from the military junta, now we need freedom from our politicians and public office holders. Though, we have got so many independence to celebrate, we still need to celebrate yet another.

One nation, many independent days.

Ubong Essien is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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