This injustice will be fought – Philip Shaibu on impeachment

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The troubled deputy governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu, has declared that the state House of Assembly’s attempt to remove him from office is unlawful.

As previously reported, the assembly impeached Shaibu on Monday in response to findings from a seven-member panel chaired by Justice S.A. Omonua that was looking into the deputy governor’s impeachment motion.

According to the panel’s reports, the complainant’s charge of perjury against the Deputy Governor was not established beyond a reasonable doubt, however the Deputy Governor was found guilty of disclosing official government documents.

Shaibu pledged to seek justice in a broadcast posted on his official X handle in response to his impeachment, saying “We will fight this injustice with every strength in us for the sake of Edo State and the future of Democracy”.

He said, “I denounce in the strongest terms the illegal impeachment by the Edo State House of Assembly. This is not just an attack on me as an individual but on our very democratic principles.

“It is a threat to the foundation of our democracy. Let it be clear that this impeachment came because of my ambition to contest the 2023 Edo State Governorship election under the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

“An ambition that is a legal right to all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It is a sad reality that those in power seem to silence opposition through illegitimate means. I have dedicated my love to serving the good people of Edo State with integrity and honesty”.

The former Deputy Governor alleged that the members of the State Assembly had “chosen to forsake their oath of office and participated” in his impeachment.

He said history “will judge you harshly for your betrayal of people who elected you to represent them”.

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