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BBN: Social Media boil as Tacha spelling ‘daughter’ and ‘Port Harcourt’ wrongly


Social media roasted by Nigeians as Tacha of the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemate made blunders with spellings of ‘daughter’ and ‘Port Harcourt’.

The BBN housemates were tasked by Biggie to celebrate themselves in the house by painting the walls with unique and memorable designs of their choice.

Tacha’s design got the attention of the viewers as she wrongly spelled her favourite phrase, ‘Port-Hacourt 1st Daughter’.

See her painting and social media reactions below…


“Them no reach” but she can’t spell. Look at the H Tacha squeezed in there looking like hashtag. Lmfao!
Her fans will definitely defend this but what do expect from a fanbase competing for who is more foolish. Lol

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Stubborn Igbo geh🔱@stunner_xoxo

She gave you “H” today in daughter and took away the “U” in Port Harcourt

She did a Veto save and replace with alphabets…No vex

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Tacha is right, the Port Harcourt we have now is not complete since Nyesome Wike became Governor

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I keep telling you guys most especially Team MERCY.. you Troll Tacha or say anything about her at this point of time, you’re doing her a huge favour by giving her the clout she needed.. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE.. AND TWEET ABOUT MERCY ALONE….

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Olodo tacha
Olodo fans
Have a look at her spellings ELO corrected her on DAUGHTER
And couldn’t realize the mistake on. PORT HARCOURT

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IG – Demo_uk@DemonLomoLatile

On behalf of we the youths in PORT HARCOURT, we hereby pass TACHA on to the Youths in Lagos.

We can’t claim a girl that cannot spell. 😷😷

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Emma Orlunda CON@iamOrlunda

Please on behalf of my fellow pH brothers and sisters, we want to state this clear, that Tacha is not Port Harcourt 1st daughter. She can’t be our 1st Daughter with that kind of spelling of Port Harcourt and Daughter. Please be Informed

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