WHAT Dr. Goodluck Jonathan DIDN’t Say (The Fear of Buhari) By Tari Brown


A good listener, in a bid to decipher or do a proper exergesis on what someone really means (intent), is to carefully analyze what he didn’t say, from what he said. To know the real intent of what GEJ actually means, let’s take a record of the Facts of what he said.

(1.) He told Bayelsans that one of the major reasons for not supporting Timipre Sylva in (2012y, was his inability to complete the 5-Star Hotel he(GEJ) started in Yenagoa.
(2) He also told Bayelsans that he will join them to stone Dickson if he didn’t perform.
(3) During his last presidential campaign he said ” If you hate Dickson you hate me” (and the crowd booed him).

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(4) In Anambra state he said, how can you trust Buhari, a man who says one thing ( That he will not probe any one) and later turn around to say another thing, ( that he will Probe you.)
(5) Upon his return to Bayelsa, he said, he was expecting Bayelsans to stone him. ( Didn’t he see that it was a “Special Crowd” that was rented to receive him ?)
(6) A day to Dickson’s Election, he said. Dickson has performed very well and deserves a 2nd term.
(7) Finally, he said ” My REPUTATION AND THAT OF MY WIFE WOULD BE RIDICULED If The Opposition Party(APC) Takes over Bayelsa” ,

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First, it would be recalled that upon assumption of office, The then Gov. Sylva said, He met an empty treasury with huge debts, left by the Previous Jonathan’s government as governor.. It was a known fact that GEJ had mortgaged the states’ resources to fund the 2007 election with Yar’adua. Next, it is most glaring and evident that Dickson still didn’t complete the 5-Star hotel in Yenagoa; so you wonder how in the same definition and yardstick of Performance did he exempt Dickson ? Governor Dickson himself was invited by the state house of Assembly to defend himself in 2010, when he served as commissioner for Justice and Attorney General under Jonathan, then as Bayelsa state Governor. He got an injunction from the court to stop the probe and didn’t appear. The same man was used to replace Sylva.
And so, consequent upon GEJ’s loss at the last election and the current probe by the Buhari’s APC government, it is understandable why he would say… ” My REPUTATION AND THAT OF MY WIFE WOULD BE RIDICULED If The Opposition Party(APC) Takes over Bayelsa” –
The same fear he expressed when Buhari said he would probe him. A greater fear ( which is unfounded, bcos I know better) that Sylva will get the APC ticket, so GEJ expects Sylva to get his own pound of flesh, giving his earlier intentions expressed; having agreed to be the Chairman of the APC Presidential Transition committee (what a humiliation) but GEJ has more nightmares, should Sylva become the next Governor.

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Dickson also very afraid and understanding these fears of GEJ (which I suspect he exaggerated to scare jonathan) quickly co-opted him to join his campaign train and endorse him. Dickson is banking on the false assumption that the Rivers People voted for wike bcos of Jonathan’s loss at the Presidency, and the same Sympathy would worrk in his favor.. But u see! Bayelsa people no send ooh, no other state don stone their Governor before oooh, so they have an independent mind. Especially, because their Blindfold has been removed to see the Wickedness and lack of Development from GEJ. Therefore, I am sure it is safe to say that what Jonathan didn’t say is that If APC wins Bayelsa, he will be probed, sent to Prison and stoned by Bayelsans, so for him, it is a do or die affair, a matter of life and death, it is his own election, so, without shame he will do anything to stop the APC, but there is something greater, he can’t stop and that is Change, a Fresh Change has come to Bayelsa. Let the people rejoice, Prosperity has returned !!!

Tari Brown wrote from Portharcourt


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