51sth Witness Being Cross Examined: Rivers Tribubal


PW51 taking oath on swearing

What’s your name?
PW51- DSP Ezebuiro Chisom

Where do you live?
PW51- Mopol 19 barracks PHC.

What do you do?
PW51- Police officer

When did U arrive for elections duty?
PW51- 10 April 2015, I reported with 63 men, 2 mopol 19  parade ground 2 be addressed by IGP Ogunsakin

We were directed on what to do on the day of elections

After that we were asked to move to ahoada area command, We got to ahoada by 19:00 hrs on 10 April 2015

We saw buses and the area commander asked our men to move into the buses

By 8:30 am when materials were to be moved to wards there was no man power

Within 10-11:30am the corpers and conventional police ran back to the area command that they were attacked

I was standing in front of the area commander and asked to take the complains to the area commander

He commanded me and some unit heads to patrol Ahoada-East

When we moved we were attacked by hoodlums  called icelanders

Who are this Icelanders?
PW51 – A cult group

It happened around 12:00 pm, from there I moved to ulaokpata

When I got there I saw a large crowd of people, road safety, conventional police, they asked for our help

I saw a young man with a bottle stab on his shoulder

i  saw a police woman half naked after serious beaten from thugs

Did you see voting going on?
PW51- I never saw any voting going on

In connection with the military we arrested one Martin Umana with AK 47

A known cultist of icelander

When did you round up patrol?
PW51-  By 5:30 to 6 pm

Did you see any collation of results?
PW51- I never saw voting much more collation of results

1stR- Where you present when Martins Umana was released?
PW51- I was on patrol

You followed Martins Umana back to the village to continue his havoc?
PW51- No

Which type of car passed you?
PW51- A Toyota  bus

You caught him with your rickety vehicle?
PW51- The army hilux caught him

it is part of your duty to observe collations?
PW51- No I am a mobile man

How many polling unit are in Ahoada?
PW51- I don’t know

will it surprise you that nobody said this story both petitioner or respondent in this court?
PW51- I will be surprise

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Did you go to the house of anybody where you saw this your men?
PW51- It is not my duty

What’s the name of the area commander?
PW51- AC Zachariah Ibrahim

2ndR- Did you write a report?
PW51- Not my duty as a unit commander

Where and where did you visit?
PW51- I visited 8 places

Was there restrictions of movements in ahoada?
PW51- Yes, but not in total enforcement

Did you arrest anybody committing electoral offence?
PW51- I never saw any where voting was taking place

the only person we arrested was Martins Umana

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He was in possession of fire arm?
PW51- Yes

Did you arrest anybody else?
PW51- No only Martins Umana

Did you recover any electoral materials from Martins Uman?
PW51- We only recovered guns.

You were under AC Zachariah?
PW51- I was under AC Zachariah

You’re here to support APC ?
PW51- I am here to remove moral burden on myself

3rdR- This persons you said that were terrified, you saw them in there houses?
PW51- I saw them on the road

Before you joined the police did you study theatre arts?
PW51- That is not part of why I am here..

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I studied philosophy First degree & Masters in international relations

The rickety vehicle was it a police vehicle?
PW51- It wasn’t a police vehicle

What make is this vehicle?
PW51- I can’t remember the name or make

You were angry?
PW51- Not true my lord

the place you covered is about how many command area?
PW51- 5 areas

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Are you aware that Ahoada East has 13 wards?
PW51 –    I don’t know

The inec office is directly opposite the area command ?
PW51- Correct

From there materials where distributed?
PW51- That should be

Your assignment that day was to provide security?
PW51- Yes, but my men were posted outside my area of duty

This woman a fellow police officer,you saw half naked what’s her name?
PW51- I can’t go close to a female police officer my lord that will be an assault

Court burst into laughter

Judge – Any re examination
Petitioner- nil

THE END!!!!!!!!!!

Petitioner – My lord we need to tender documents

We have certified through copies of inec documents in support of our matter  & to easy the work load of the tribunal

We will tender it by the names, We have Form EC8 E, Form EC8 D, form EC8 C (20 copies)

Court adjourns for 30 mins for the  petitioner to arrange there self 


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