Rivers Tribunal: Cross Examination of the 50th Witness


After 1hrs of recess,the Tribunal reconvened at exactly 4.40Pm.

PW 50 is a subpoena witness

What’s your name?

PW50-  DSP Yusuf Buba

Where do you live?
PW50- Mopol 56 Ogoni

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You’re here on the authority of the IGP which was  served a subpoena?
PW50- Yes

How did you come to know about the subpoena?
PW50- I was served via a signal, based on that I was the officer on ground on

What did you do in respect of the election?
PW50- I was the unit commander, I was posted to Khana on 10 April for the gubernatorial election

I reported for duty by 18:00 hrs

Where you alone?
PW50- 63 men and myself as the unit commander

Did you and your team do anything on the 10 April 2015?
PW50- We were given specific orders to tak charge of INEC  office, 2 provide, security for the INEC staffs on ground We swiftly moved to the INEC office and took charge of the entire premises.At about 19:00 hrs the area commander ACP Kenneth Akubowe  came and took the EO to an unknown destination….. We remained there between 1-2 am

A bus was sitted and I was told the bus entered INEC premises with unknown men, I immediately moved to where the vehicle parked…

And I put a question to the men to explain what they were doing there by that time but none could explain..

..So I asked them to leave
And remained like that till 07:00 hrs the next morning

By 9 am a sporadic gun shot was heard from Zakpo axis, the people told me the shooters where Solo’s boys in Yeghe
By 10 am the area commander came and dislodged the barriers and that the political thugs got into INEC office

In the watchful eye of the commander the thugs carted away materials
PW50- We couldn’t control the situations again because the place was rowdy

PW50- I immediately gave situation report to my squadron commander by name Valentine Olubese

By 13:00 hrs I left some men in the office and moved with some on patrol
The places we patrolled are Bori, there we meet people thumb printing in police area command field

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I immediately moved to the commander office and met him and the EO
I reported to him and he said I should mind my business
I had no option but to leave and continued my patrol

We visited gwara,Opoko,taaba,kpor,Lubara,wiiyakara  Zakpo,sogho
What I notice was there was  no elections taking place in this places
I reported via situation report and was told to keep watching

Later they told us Bori was no longer safe a lot of corpers being adhoc staffs of INEC

That the materials they took in the morning, where all snatched on gun point

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I asked them about the conventional police men, they said they all took to their heels
PW50- In all the places I visited there was no election
There was no collation in Bori

They all moved their thumb printed materials to PHC

The following day we reconvened at khana LGA Secretariat

And we heard that results were announced we wonder how they came about the results

1stR- You wrote an official report?
PW50- No, I only gave situation report to my commander

You didn’t sign any report?
PW50- No

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Have you testified in any court?
PW50 –  No I have not before
Do you know if he has been suspended?
PW50- I don’t know

is this your first time on elections duty?
PW50- No

Do you know about your job from 7 am to 12 pm?
PW50-  To secure materials and peoples lives

You were there when the hoodlums came?
PW50 – Yes

You didn’t arrest them?
PW50- Yes, they came in thousand

2ndR- Did you write any petition?
PW50- If I do it is an insorbordination

You’re and your former two IC were hosted at Royal suite in Area one?
PW50 – I don’t know what you’re saying, Police made provisions for me

3rdR- How long have you been in Bori area?
PW50- I was posted 29 December 2014

What state are you from?
PW50-  To be

It will get up to 7 to 8 hrs to cover round the town?
PW50 – not correct

As a police man, your election duty is essentially to provide security?
PW50-  Yes

You were giving specific orders to secure inec office?
PW50- That order was on 10 April not 11 April order

As a senior police ,are you empowered to effect arrest?
PW50- Yes

Judge –  Any re examination
Petitioner – Nil my lord

Thats the END of cross Examination of the 50th Witness brought by Dakuku Peterside.

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