Quote Of The Day: Truely it hurts by Ahamdi Nweke


It hurts our democracy and national development when the Game Keepers (Judges) become poachers in the disgraceful market place where the opportunism of selling justice to the highest bidder becomes the order of the day.

No legally constituted Tribunal that properly directs itself on the facts of this matter can possibly reach the verdict announced by this Tribunal. TA Orji has simply raped democracy in broad daylight and in public glare, now he wishes to use the blood money of our dead pensioners, civil servants and Abia public to pay judges in order to uphold his evil deeds. Justice has been turned on its head and we shall go to higher custodians of or common values (Court of Appeal) to get justice standing back on its feet. Our national campaign against corruption does not exclude bad eggs in the Judiciary. The days of such impunity as we have seen in Abia must be consigned to history. I will most certainly appeal the decision.

Barr Chief Emmanuel Ahamdi Nweke, APGA 2015 Senatorial candidate Abia Central Senatorial District


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