Paul Emeka and Crocodile tears

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The Ex-Communicated Former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev Dr Paul Emeka must by now realised that God can be silent for a while,but he can never be silent forever.

Paul Emeka had in March 2014 taken Assemblies of God Nigeria to an Enugu High Court seeking an order of Interim Injunction to stop the General Committee were the petition written against him would have been deliberated,but he failed because Assemblies of God Nigeria was built on a solid rock .

On March 6th 2014,Assemblies Of God Nigeria Suspended him for violating Article Twelve of the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Church,Paul Emeka again went to Court with a Different suit seeking to nullify the decision reached by the Church

Lucky For Him,Justice Anthony Onovo of the Enugu High Court gave him a Kangaroo Judgement which did not pass the Integrity test of the Appeal Court in Enugu in 2015

After Loosing at the Appeal Court,Paul Emeka rushed to the Supreme Court to Appeal that Judgement,but refused filing his brief of arguement not until when the Court angrily ordered him to do so within One Week.

Paul Emeka Boys Namely: Nathan Udeze,Ramsey Ogagaoghene,Maxwell Ndukwu,Ec Olumefo,Chinedu Azubuike has done a lot of damage to the image of RESPECTED men of God in the Internet,yet heaven did not Fall

It was laughable to see Paul Emeka weeping profusely Yesterday in Enugu because he now realized that the internet has been taken away from Him

Oh How Time Flies,

Paul Emeka should come and sue PUO REPORTS instead of threatening Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria that copied a News Item from PUO REPORTS with litigation.

Paul Emeka should apologise to the General Council of Assemblies of God because the battle is over

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