Open Letter To Chidi Whihioka Of Omualikor,Omopo,Elele Town Rivers State By Emma Okah


Yesterday Tuesday 13th December, 2016 in Elele Town, you personally recruited and led some miscreants and some of your party supporters as well as officers of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) comically celebrating the pyrrhic “electoral victory” procured for you by your master using the Police/Army/INEC.

In the parade round the community that rejected you repeatedly at the polls, you were deluding yourself as having won the Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency elections even when you did not win any unit including your Unit 006 in Elele Ward 3. I have no problem with your moving round the community as that had afforded the town the opportunity to see you since you refused to campaign during the rerun election campaigns.

Sadly, when you got to my family house in Omuawor, you stopped and alighted from your vehicle and led the people with you into my compound and began attempts at pulling down protectors in the house. While you were doing this, the officers from SARS who were celebrating with you started shooting sporadically into the air, causing a stir in a peaceful neighbourhood that deserves your apologies for stealing the mandate they never gave to you.

When you could not pull down the protector, you left with them and continued your jubilation, but not without rattling my extended family members especially weeping kids, who were in the house. I have no problem with the choices you make in life but I like to warn you that I am aware of your plans to cause me harm given the serial defeats you and your party have suffered in the hands of the PDP in Elele Town where I am a consequential factor in company of other leaders and our people.

Please let us reason together that as leaders, it is not sign of weakness when we are called upon to restrain youths who look up to us from excesses and exposure to grievous bodily harm. The same SARS operatives you took to my house to shoot sporadically were later to shoot four of the hungry boys you recruited to celebrate the stolen mandate with you in your house. One of them is reportedly dead. I cannot celebrate the injury suffered by anybody innocently and certainly not an Elele person. I’m part of humanity and wish to extend my sympathy to the affected families and innocent victims of the SARS shooting spree under your watch.

Finally, Chidi, I place this as notice to warn you that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. Do not be tempted (directly or indirectly) to repeat the violent acts you practiced in my house yesterday. It will be very risky for you and I beg you not to drag me into the gutter because my garments are pure and white as snow. The public will surely hold you accountable if violent harm befalls me.
In my view, this is a time for deep remorse, reconciliation with God and not otherwise, certainly not celebration of a stolen mandate. That celebration yesterday, which was avoidable, has deeply damaged you politically.

Emma Okah, is a Peoples Democratic Chieftain from Elele in Ikwerre Local Government Area Of Rivers State and the Current Rivers State Commissioner of Housing


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