Court Cant Remove The Suspension Hanging On Paul Emeka’s Head

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Paul Emeka

Rev Paul Emeka was a Former General Superintendent of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria between November 2010 and March 2014,before he was disciplined for attempting destroy the legacies of the founding fathers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Rev Paul Emeka was running Assemblies Of God Nigeria like a personal property and Estate with no recourse to the Constitution  and Byelaws of the Church,with no respect to his fellow Officers,with no regard to the Executive Commitee of the Church.

Rev Paul Emeka can hire and Fire,he can wake up and Suspend any Pastor or Member,he can wake up and transfer a Pastor with anointing to a remote Village in order to destroy the Ministry of Such a Pastor.

Rev Paul Emeka introduced the wearing of Occultic Rings on both Left and Right Hands which almost took over the minds of Young Ministers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Rev Paul Emeka Introduced a Notorious gang called”GS BOYS” Any Pastor who belonged to this group of people is free from any accusation and wrong doing.

Rev Paul Emeka usurped the functions of other offices in the Church,he turned himself as the sole proprietor of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,he can order for the payment of any amount of Money,without respect to the Office of the General Treasurer or the Executive Commitee.

After all efforts made by the Leadership of the Church to call him to order failed,the General Commitee of the Church which is the highest Decision making body as far as Assemblies Of God Nigeria is concerned Disciplined him on the 6th March 2014.

Rev Paul Emeka was given maximum fair hearing by virtue of the Invitation to appear before the General Commitee and explain his own side of the story over the accusation contained in the petition written against him by the Ambassadors of the Kingdom.

It is worthy to note,that Assemblies Of God Nigeria did not suspend Rev Paul Emeka because of the accusations by the Ambassadors of the Kingdom,but Rev Paul Emeka was Suspended for Violating the Constitution by running to law Court instead of honoring the invitation to explain his own side of the story before the General Committee.

Suspension in Assemblies Of God Nigeria is a Spiritual Thing,not even a Law Court can remove,it can only be Lifted by the same body that pronounced the Suspension.

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