Akwa Ibom: Cultists’ invade the community – Chief shot


August 30, Midim Atan Community:

Akwa Ibom state news reports the invasion of cult activists in the community. The latter is situated in the Essien Udim area in Akwa Ibom state. The cultists shot Chief of the community Eseme Jeremiah. Fortunately, Eseme asked for help so that the police could ensure timely medical assistance for him.


Having gunned the Chief, the cult activists left Midin Atan.


Police Inspector Eshiet forced to move Eseme to an unknown place and keep it in secret to prevent any possible attacks in the future. Neither his current position nor health condition is disclosed to the public.


Members of the community express their concern about the police’s apathetic approach to the issue, while the cultists continue to terrorize the area.


The informant of Akwa Ibom news said that retired Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation employee Monday Udo Ekanem was also shot down by the same extremists 14 days before the incident.


Akwa Ibom news also found that the previous chief had been intimidated by the cult gang before his demise.


According to the source, the inspector’s monitoring team knew that he was at risk.


The informant stated that the security officers received apparent threats to the chief through various means of communication. However, little did they do to look into the matter or prevent the atrocity. Moreover, even after the happening, no steps were taken to find those guilty of the homicide. The Inspector’s monitoring team remains the one to blame for lack of interference.


More importantly, Akwa Ibom news emphasized that the Midin Atan citizens had long been condemning the monitoring team’s carelessness and lack of action when it comes to the murder enquiry. They even filed a petition to scrutinize the matter.


Indeed, the team was formally formed to look for any traces behind the killing. They even found the suspect. Yet, he hasn’t been subject to a proper court hearing or sentence. What’s more, he wasn’t separated from his fellow gang members and met them regularly while in prison, leading to a number of people being killed lately. Although the team had received complaints about the situation, they did nothing to solve the issue.


The inhabitants of the Midin Atan area, have abandoned their homes afraid of the attacks from the cult group.


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