Abia Politicians Have No Regard For Media Practitioners


The Recent Political Hulabaloo in Abia State has clearly shown that the Media especially the Online Media will play a major role in the Political History of Abia State between 2018 and 2019 General Elections in the State.

Unfortunately most Politicians we have in Abia today are Analogue Politicians, just few belongs to the Digital age.

I was having a chat with Two Members of the Abia State House of Assembly last week,one told me he don’t care what people write about him on Facebook and the other one was revealing to me how he had in the time past used Budget meant for media to sort out other things because he was not enlightened on the role the Media can play in making or Destroying his Political Carrier.

After narrating to one of them the powerful role of the Media especially the New Media,he embraced me and said his attitude must change towards Media from that Day.

Should I say that MEDIA Practitioners are unlucky in Abia State or that most Abia Politicians are interested in hiring Security Personnel,Area Boys than having a Media Advisers or Assistants, while those who appointed Media adviser’s don’t Fund them for the task the Position Requires. We are no longer in that Generation where Somebody will say am not bordered about what they write about me,this is a generation where Information flow is Very Fast.

If somebody release a Propaganda against you and you don’t counter it,Readers Especially those outside Nigeria or far away have read it and they believed it as true.

In Marshal Mcluhan Theory of Hot and Cool Media” the cool media has more acoustic space and the hot media has more visual space. In the cinema for example you act more passive because it is dominated by visual space and it has a lot of information, but in a story posted on the Internet you have to use your senses and be more actively engaged to understand the message.

Are you more active engaged in the news world if you choose to access news through cool media such as radio, newspaper or internet? Are you more passive if you choose to access it by watching TV – hot media? The Answer is simple,News Readers are active while Reading a Story On FACEBOOK,ONLINE Blog.

Among all the Three Senators in Abia Namely: Senator Theodore Orji,Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe,Senator Mao Ohuabunwa,non among them is active or should I say Media Friendly,these Senators believed that by just Given a Journalist N10,000 for a story,they have been able to achieve their aim, unfortunately when they have Problems they begin to run helter-skelter looking for a Journalist that will do Magic for them.

Coming to members of the Federal House of Representatives in Abia,the two Persons that wont have issues selling their Points in 2019 is Hon Uko Nkole Representing Ohafia/Arochukwu Federal Constituency aand Hon Solomon Adaelu Representing Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Federal Constituency. Hon Ossy Prestige of Aba North/South Federal Constituency just shows up and goes off,the rest Members of the House of Reps from Abia can be categorized as Analogue Politicians and may have it Difficult telling Voters what they did in the last Four Years.

Few Weeks ago,FACEBOOK was awashed with news by Hon Thomas Nkoro’s empowering his Constituents with Motocycles,the Youths from his Area Circulated it on FACEBOOK,most commentators vowed not to vote for him come 2019,the said report went viral,it took the Invitation extended by the Lawmaker to the Posters for him to give a Breakdown of some of his Empowerment Programmes he had initiated and Funded,am aware he released some Money to them,but would that had been necessary if he was closer to his people in the Media? Obviously No

Almost half of the members of the Abia State House of Assembly don’t have FACEBOOK account in this DIGITAL Age,its very Unfortunate
One will be wondering,what is this boy Called PUO saying,and I ask,how much does it cost a Politician in Abia State to call some of his Constituenst,buy Data for them Monthly just to be Writing about you on Facebook everyweek,if you have any Public Function,you invite them,they snap you and post it out,I ask again How Much?

By 2019,don’t blame any Professional Media Handler that quotes Millions of Naira for you to campaign in your favour because what you are coming for is what PR managers call”Curative” PR .

For PUO,I have made up my mind not to be Sentimental during the 2018 Electioneering Campaign/2019 General Election in Abia State.

Let those Politicians in Abia Upgrade,half of your Constituents are now on FACEBOOK.

Promise Uzoma Okoro is the Director of PUO MEDIA LTD


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