Abia North Politics: Desperation,Calumny and Denigration of others are not the Pennacle for Achieving Self Driven Political Agenda by Desperadoes and their Paid Agents



Contemporarily, politics of Abia North as one of the 3 Senatorial zones in Abia State has changed tremendously, and also growing together with Nigeria political system. Unlike before when apathy, undemocratic process characterized the system.

I am very astounded hearing and seeing people denigrating others for self driven purpose and using gullible minds as their agents towards achieving their poor and disservice aims.

There’s no sane mind will query the standard of representation Abia North enjoys this time at the Senate when juxtaposed in retrospection with the past.

Unarguably, it is an open jealousy to chide the Senator representing Abia North Senatorial zone in the current 8th legislative Assembly just because you want to wrest and take the seat from him.

Everybody knows the present economic situation of Nigeria and the administrative ideology of President Buhari’s government, unlike the immediate past President’s (Johnathan) era.

I also do introspect sometimes that it seems unarguable that even the perceived or acclaimed elites may not truly know the different between the Executive and Legislative arms of government in terms of governance as it concerns dispensation of dividends of democracy.

I wonder where most of the present critics on the social media who are rearing their heads against the current Senator representing the aforementioned Senatorial zone were before now, and nobody heard of them.

Please, if you are opportune or been privileged to dine with politicians, know that it is not an opportunity to disregard and insult any perceived rival of your pay master. This is because, politics is a game of no permanent enemy and friend. That’s why you don’t allow yourself to be carried away with what you’re benefiting today from your master because it doesn’t last.
Sometimes, you may be blamed and chased away for not advising your master on the right path.

It’s ridiculous, appalling and a chauvinistic character that some people allowed some crumbs they are getting from their pay master’s table and jealousy they have against a man who served for 8 good years at the House of Representatives as an Honorable member representing Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, and later made his way to Senate through God, prayers and supports of his constituent men and women to causing them sleepless night and making them unreasonable.

If you want to oust Senator Mao Ohuabunwa from that highly revered seat at the red chamber of the Senate, it’s not by crying foul. Rather, engage him in a constructive approach devoid of rancour, maligning and desperation. Cease trailing him here and there in a keen manner, trying to snap where he is bathing, just to tarnish his global revered image.

Political desperation, denigration and campaign of calumny on social media are not the requisite panacea to take over the seat from him. Just follow due process and see if you can achieve the feat.

If continue than refraining from such barbaric mechanism, just know that, it’s an unpaid advertorial and campaign for him (Senator Ohuabunwa) to occupy the seat beyond when he formerly envisaged to stay before aspiring for that seat.

I wonder why commendation cannot be found in people’s thought and mouth, rather condemnation and spurious speeches.

For now, Senator Ohuabunwa has no rival because the mandate given to him by his constituents has not elapsed. And any attempt to dent his political and social image by using unguarded utterances, pictorials on social media, other media channels and nocturnal machinations and meetings will end in futile.

Nobody is politically perfect. If someone is not performing expectedly, try to ascertain the reasons than getting your facts from alleged stories whose originators will never want them to be named.

I thank God that Abia North electorate this time are wise and can’t be fooled again to vote for political chameleons and desperadoes who pretend to have their people at heart but characterized of ineptitude, pretense and political gimmicks to have their ways to power.

Clinching a second term or ascending to higher political position is something democracy made us to understand that it’s a process only the people can decide, and not by slanderous or defaming approach.

There is no way we can blame Senator Mao Ohuabunwa (Founder of Follow Better Organization) for now. This is because, it is an incontrovertible fact that the people of Abia North are solidly and adhesively behind him, and also urging him to seek reelection come 2019.

Thank God for given us Senator Mao Ohuabunwa to represent Abia North in the present Senate.

Ihe ona eme di anyi nma oooo!!!

~ Hon. Onyedikachi M. Okoronkwo
(Public Policy Analyst)


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