Why Amaechi, Fashola won’t allow Buhari fight corruption – Archbishop Chukwuma



Archbishop of the Enugu Anglican Ecclesiastical Province, His Grace, Most Reverend Emmanuel Chukwuma, has said that former governors of Rivers and Lagos States used their states’ monies to sponsor President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.
According to him, that was why they were rewarded with important ministerial roles, with some of them heading three ministries in one.
Making the allegation in an interview with Punch, the cleric said Nigerians should not be surprised if former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole is given a ministerial position tomorrow.
He said the government would find it difficult fighting corruption because some state governors assisted Buhari to get there using state funds.
According to him, “In this government, some people were given three ministries; we want to know why they were given three ministries.
“Look at the two former governors that were given three ministries each, let’s be frank and sincere, Lagos and Rivers must have spent so much money (on Buhari’s election).
“Are their hands clean? Now when cases came up against them, you killed the cases and then you gave them three ministries. One is then wondering, why were they given three ministries?
“Are their heads more than others? The man in charge of solid minerals, Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti, why was he not given three ministries? Was he not a former governor of Ekiti?
“Maybe he was just given one ministry because of the little he contributed or something. I am very sure the former governor of Edo State will be given something tangible.”
Asked if he meant Oshiomhole he said, “Yes! We are watching. The thing is there are governors who embezzled money and they joined APC and suddenly their cases went comatose.
“And we are wondering, how can you be fighting corruption in the midst of all this mess? The fight against corruption seems to be against those who are not in APC.
“How many former governors who are in APC are being prosecuted this time round by this government? Let them mention one or two.
“Now many of them are in the party, being hidden and being covered. We are worried about this and until Mr. President can explain this selective negligence, we cannot trust his fight against corruption.
“He is only exposing corruption. We are now aware that there is corruption everywhere, he has exposed it but he is not fighting it.”


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