Mao Ohuabunwa Restates Commitment to the Developement of Abia North



Senator Mao Ohuabunwa has responded to some persons and groups who recently alleged that his administration marginalized the Abia north in capital developments across the district.

Speaking at the commissioning of his projects in some parts Abia north,
Senator Mao Ohuabunwa said, “as someone who believes in running a transparent and sincere government, my Administration will continue to ensure that Abia north must continue to receive their fair share of the state’s commonwealth”.

The primary health care center’s was the official flag off in part of Abia north, I will not campaign for 2019 election, I will be commissioning my projects, chiefs, opinion moulders, parents, youths, among others, having seen these, will do the campaigning based on what is seeing and felt.

“By the special grace of God, I see myself as an Abia north man, and despite the rumour and lies that people are spreading which is not true, we will continue to do our best for Abia north. I swore an oath from the beginning that I will be fair to all in Abia north. It is an oath I took before my God and I will continue to do exactly that”.

He further noted that,
“People should not play politics by spreading rumours. When you play politics and you speak the truth, it is good enough. I didn’t need to say this, but, because, our traditional rulers are here, I have to.

“When people who are highly placed lie to their people because of politics, it is highly unfortunate but, I know that I have no reason whatsoever in my life to belittle the Abia north man because, they have been nice to me, long before today and I will continue to be friends of the my people and forever it shall be so, nobody will take it away from me because I see Abia north as a home. He added.

Times are tough but, times are getting better and I will continue to say it that I have no cause to hide things from Abia north”.

“We have had very tough times, but I projected that from now things will get better and I can confess that things are getting better and by God’s grace, things will only get better and better in Jesus name.

By God’s grace we will not hide anything from my people, we have a pact with you to do what is right, I believe that the future holds greater prospects for us.

At the appropriate time, I will be talking to our traditional rulers and our opinion leaders, to let them know what we have in the budget of my constituency. People must just learn to understand the budget, but, for those who do not understand, what you need to do is to ask questions from those in the House of Assembly or Commissioners or other top government appointees to explain my budget to you.

It is my duty as the Senator to let the people know what the truth is. May God bless Abia north.


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