Sen Mao Ohuabunwa and the Other Side of Time by Cosmos Ndukwe


SEN MAO OHABUNWA AND THE OTHER of time. The battle of “Commaradoes” his two year stay at Senate, His God against ‘Commaradoes’.
While he narrate his battle to remain in Senate, election tribunals and annulment, bit by bit of what he had done in about two years in the Senate, the thing that crossed my mind was the monstrous bite from the social media and how it could make one look like a monster for nothing.

I also recollected that only few weeks ago, some persons who like to be more Catholic than the Pope, some who like window dressing, some who make a mountain out of a molehill celebrated what they called Frying pan Senator’s empowerment. What they invented was a narrative that made the good man look like an indolent and never do well Senator. So much for freedom of expression.

While I may not choose to indulge these set of people, I am proud to identify with Sen. Mao for demonstrating purposefulness, insight and complete understanding of the peculiarities, needs and challenges of Ndi Abia North.

As a Senator, two very important bills out of 10 bills signed into law by Mr. President with his name and signature have already been passed into law. The bill on establishment of Cancer treatment Centre is particularly timely as it is proactive. The other bill on the establishment of small credit for agriculture meets the usefulness of a time like this many families are grappling with diverse hunger related challenges.

I am excited because this same noble Senator has long been recorded in history as being ingenious enough to ensure that his first motion called the attention of the Federal Government to the seeming intractable Arochukwu – Ohafia Federal Road. Having be away attending to election petition, he missed the opportunity of causing contract for the road to be inserted in the 2016 federal budget. He refused to relent. His doggedness paid off. Jut few days ago, having successfully inserted the same road in the 2017 budget, supervised the flag off of the construction of the same road on Sunday 4th March 2018

We might not have read all that on social media as mischief makers have binoculars specially made for spotting NOTHING. You would also not read that our Abia North Senator had already constructed model classroom blocks at Item and Uturu. They wouldn’t tell you there is a SKILLS ACQUISITION CENTRE to his name at Isuochi or that he had successfully provided clean and safe water borehole at Elu Ohafia powered by the solar panel technology. His solar powered street lights are also at Arochukwu and Isuikwuato. Built many health centers and donated ultramodern health equipment facilities to existing hospital at Abiriba and many other communities.

For man who has gone beyond his primary duty of legislation, he deserves a handshake and not a handcuff, he deserves to be applauded and not vilified, he deserves cheers and not jeers.

I understand that we are in perilous times. However, the efforts of diligent politicians like Sen. Mao deserve to be mentioned on the bright side of history and not swallowed by those whose stock in trade is to form and not the substance of representation.

I am certain that when the history of the development of Abia North would be chronicled, Sen Mao will occupy a pride of place for training our people or our young people and equipping them with empowerment tools and cash not for encouraging them to start off businesses with fraying pan as portrayed by social media leaving off the cash donations along side other confectioners equipment.

Finally, for working relentlessly to attract FEDERAL POLYTECHNICS ITEM, not only crossing second reading but slated for Public hearing tentatively this Thursday 8th March, 2018.

Ride on God Made Senator, you may not have the cash but you have the voice for Ndi Abia North.

Cosmos Ndukwe is the Deputy Speaker of The Abia State House of Assembly


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