Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency: Why Henry Chidi Nwuke Esq stands out



AN OPEN LETTER TO PDP Delegates by Ben Udechukwu


May the peace of God be with you all. In the coming days, history will beckon on you to chat the course for the comprehensive development of Orlu/Orsu/Oru Federal Constituency.

I am aware that your election as delegate is borne out of the consideration that you enjoy substantial degree of independent mindedness to make the right choice. Your election as a delegate would not have come at a better time than now when our democracy faces the most daunting challenge. It is also my belief that no amount of subterfuge, intimidation or harassment would deny you this rare opportunity of putting a square peg in a square hole to represent Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency.

In resolving this onerous task, fate requires you to, among all other considerations, settle for an aspirant that is most conscientious, the one whose records in private and public practice are the most superbly outstanding, the one whose people oriented quotient gives him an edge well and above all others, the one whose character would obviously translate to the realization of even the minutest development initiative, the one who possesses the most towering credentials of personal worth, one who balances realism and idealism, a homeboy, a thorough bred socialite, an astute entrepreneur, one who would not be carried away by the monster of prebendalism. By every stroke of imagination, the Umuowa born lawyer, chartered Arbitrator, oracle of legal drafting aand conveyancing, practicing Catholic, responsible family man and the incumbent President General of Umuowa Progressive Union. Chidi Henry Nwuke is a fit and proper person to represent the hard working people of Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency.

Chidi has spent greater part of his adult life seeking for the liberation of the indigent, less privileged and the downtrodden in the society. While his mates, at the time; made fortunes with their God given intelligence, Chidi mounted extra mural classes free of charge for young school leavers. It is on record that, he identified, nurtured and coached young school leavers to greatness. While most of his colleagues rightly made fortunes in law practice, he spared a thought for hundreds who risked languishing in prison for want of quality legal representation. While he sought for greener pastures, Chidi, the University of Nigeria, Enugu trained legal practitioner made his offices in Owerri, Lagos and Abuja veritable one stop place for solace and compassion. For over 30 years, he has lived and breathed community service. His election as President General of the prestigious Umuowa Progressive Union (UPU) was a subtle way of maximizing his potentials for excellent community service, an eloquent testimony by his immediate community that he is qualified to hold public trust.

True to his nature as a go getter, prudent manager of scarce resources, he, within months of his assumption of office as Presdent General UPU superintended, in concert with donor agencies, the establishment of St Mary’s Hospital Umuowa. St Mary’s hospital, is unarguably, the single largest and most effectively managed private hospital in Orlu Senatorial zone. Today, through his rare display of diligence, St. Mary’s has helped to cushion the damaging effect of poor health care delivery in the zone.

Years ago, realizing that team play is key to strategic development, our brother Chidi founded the Umuowa Undergraduates Union, a pressure group that helped shape the turn of events in Ebeasaa and its environs. It is also on record that the first set of undergraduates to enjoy modern day bursary awards tapped from the manual which he invented.

Chidi’s job experience cuts across the public and private sectors. Whether as a Staff of the Library Board, pupil at the famous Adesanya Law firm or as the Principal Partner of his own GRACEAN SOLICITORS , he has remained steadfast, imbibing all known principles of civility, fairness and equity.

Dear Delegate, legislative business is such a serious one that requires the attention of someone who is roundly schooled in the equally serious business of caregiving, welfarism and team play. At the National Assembly, Chidi will prove his mettle as a selfless servant and champion of progressive empowerment.

Perhaps, his initiative of ending perennial water problem and taking several children off the streets to enroll them in school would serve as pointers that he would address peculiar needs of his constituents when given the opportunity. Though not given to publicity, Chidi has over the years recorded remarkable goals in his pursuit of public trust. He understands our challenges in education, socio economic deficiencies, ecological disaster and human capacity development decencies among others. He will address them with missionary commitment.

In fairness to him, there are three things he would depend on as he earnestly seeks your consent. They are integrity, integrity and integrity. Never have I seen a man so mindful of people’s perception of his conduct. Never have I encountered a politician who pursues decent character with so much vigor and vitality. Never have I seen a man who believes that accountability is a vital ingredient of assessment of progress.

I urge you to choose Chidi Henry Nwuke Esq so that Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency will enjoy the most amazing synergy between all arms and tiers of government. Here’s a man who keeps his eyes steady on the prize, mindful of account of stewardship.

Dear Delegate, it is within your powers to wrestle power from those who are interested in the next election in preference for a responsiv Democrat who appreciates that power truly belongs to the people. As you spare a thought for this passionate appeal, I will most humbly pray that your every step is ordered by God, the real fountain of knowledge.

Udechukwu a Publc Affairs analyst, writes from Orlu


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