PUO @ 27: Beneficiary of Divine Introduction



That I witness another 15th of April is the Reason while I will Continue to return all the Glory to the God who took me from the Dustbin and Murky waters of Poverty and Divinely Introduced Me.

The Struggle to Reach my God given Destiny has not been easy as I have come across people I categorized as the Butlers,the Bakers and Portiphers.

In Genesis Chapter 40,Joseph while in Prison came across two Prisoners,the King Cupbearer otherwise known as the Butler and the Kings Baker,he Interpreted their Dreams and strongly asked the Chief Butler not to Forget him when it shall be well with him,The Baker on the other part was willing to Help Joseph,but the Opportunity was not there because he was slained after Three Days,the Butler forgot Joseph when he was Restored with his Full Rights as the King’s Servant.

Portiphar on his part repayed Joseph with Evil for all the Good things he did while serving him.

Life has taught me that every Great Man has a Great Story.

When God Packages a Man,no Force,no Man born of a Woman can Pocket Him.

The Greatest Mountains I have to face in this Journey to the Top is the Mountain of “He is Too Small,he is still a Small Boy”.

But Funny enough those who Oppose me at the Beginning always turn out to be my Greatest Fans after all “NO Aeroplane can Fly without Opposition”

I may not be wrong to Conclude that in all the Places I had found Myself,By age I will be the Youngest,By Stature -the Smallest and by Appearance with no godfather.

I appreciate God so much because he Divinely Introduced Me to my Destiny Helpers.

A lot of people may begin to Wonder the Rationale in Publicly Displaying my age every 15th of April,the truth remains that I am very Grateful to God for his Mighty Hand Upon myLife.

One of the Greatest Things that happened to my Destiny was my encounter with The Great Servant of God Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor

As I Begin the Journey for another Year,I wish to Appreciate those who God used to Shape my Mental Organogram.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Promise Uzoma Okoro is the Director of PUO MEDIA NIGERIA LIMITED


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