Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari by Ini Morgan


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21 March 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari
Aso Rock Villa
3 Arms Zone

Mr President sir,


I come to you, this time, jointly, in the name of the Most High God, and the grace of his locating me in Nigeria as a CITIZEN: deserving same rights and privileges under law, as any other Nigerian. I hereby seize in rights and privileges under the God and as provided for under the laws of Nigeria to write to you Mr President, as an obligation under God and as my duty as a citizen of the federal republic.

It is to this effect that I hereby call on you to sit up as President of the federal republic or you resign your office and use your powers as the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces to suspend the Nigerian constitution, disband the national assembly as soon as possible, and hand power over to me, as the Interventionist President of the federal republic.

In my coming to you in the name of the Almighty God, Mr President, I refer you to my mandate and delegation for this purpose as established in scriptures recorded as “The Bible”, in Matthew 10:1-38, with emphasis on specific verses to clear up where I am coming from and where I am going. In my coming to you as a Citizen of the federal republic, I refer you to my duties under the constitution as a citizen.

In coming to you in the name of the Most High God, I am writing to you in the “tone” of Jesus Christ, and as a Citizen, I come in the garbs of Asari Dokubo, Government Ekoemuopolo, Nnamdi Kanu and Abubakar Shekau: men who found reasons to raise arms and sentiments against the Nigerian state.

It is in this shared passion with my brother Nigerians that I have chosen to adhere strictly to the passion of Jesus to write, declaring a “literal insurgency” against the Nigerian State because l am under the obligation of Christ to “be wise as serpent and harmless as a dove”. So rather than lift a gun against your administration, I have chosen to raise my pen. I am told “the pen is mightier than the gun.”

I am herein well informed that while Asari, Tompolo, Kanu and Shekau enjoy some sort of sympathies from the Nigerian State and have been mobilized unto one owning a university, one selling off a university to government, another enjoying a quiet life overseas, with one clearly rejecting government overtures, I may be made to face the hangman’s noose innoventky as Dr Ken Saro Wiwa, for declaring a literal war against the Nigerian State, like Wiwa did. Ken Wiwa was killed for been sound minded.

I am aware Mr President, that you have enjoyed reading letters from Nigerians these days. However, while almost all were “leaked” to the public, I am making mine “open” to you sir. By this letter, Mr President, I am only seeking a possible solution to the socio-political quagmire we have found ourselves as a nation. Nigeria to s clearly heading onto a big fall if you do not take my advice and sit up to your duties sir. It I’d here from that I call Nigeria a “falling and failing nation”.

Mr President, even you are putting in your best to redeem the status quo and you have severally called us to patience, assuring us that all will end well. Nobody doubts your sincerity of purpose Mr President but it is clear how you are not in charge of “absolute executive power” as conferred on you as Chief Executive of the Nigerian enterprise. This is absolutely disadvantageous to good governance, Mr President.

It is for the reason of your clear incapacities as a leader of a ruling party, sublime tolerance of inefficiencies and your various importuned behavior to serious matters of national interest based solely of the fundamental obligation of government and the fundamental principles of governance as enshrined in our laws. I am here, not attempting to suggest what you should do to win your next election, because that is what politician live for: they live for their next elections.

I am writing to make it clear to you that your next election depends on what you are doing now. If your focus is on the next election rather on the present work awaiting vacation, Mr President you will fail the 2019 election and plunge Nigeria into eternal hell. This is why it is ordained that if you fail to heed my advice, already a group of Nigerian Christians, having observed this predicament have volunteered to ask God to give Nigeria an Interventionist leader and I am standing in that gap of need, as symbol of God’s intervention.


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