SHOCKING: Pastor Ask El-Rufai To Turn Church Into Mosque

Yakubu Pam

A Former Pastor with Assemblies Of God Nigeria and Self Acclaimed Chairman of Northern Christian Association of Nigeria Rev Yakubu Pam has asked the Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir Elrufai to convert Churches in the State To Mosque.

Rev Pam who has been Dismissed from Assemblies Of God Nigeria over his Unchristian Conduct and Questionable Character is Championing a Dead on Arrival Northern Assemblies Of God Independent.

It was gathered that Rev Yakubu Pam who had written Letters to most Governors in the Northern Part of Nigeria is urging them to Convert Churches into Mosque.

Pam who has lost touch with Divinity is struggling in using Political Connections to disturb the unity of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in the North.

It is worrisome that a man who claimed to be a Pentecostal Pastor will write to a State Government to Convert Church into Mosque.


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