In This New Month MAY, You shall Receive Special Manifestation of God Speaking in Your Behalf. Chidi Okoroafor



“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I welcome you to this 5th month of the year 2018. When you shall receive a special manifestation of God speaking on your behalf, fighting on your behalf.

” The Lord shall handle difficult situations on your behalf, He shall reverse dangerously planned cases against you”

“Watch out this May 2018, the Lord Jesus Christ shall go with you, He shall preserve you, and He will make you rapturable 24 hours, 7 days every week, do not be afraid”

” Approach this month with boldness, it doesn’t matter what surrounds you, the hand of the Lord rests mightly upon you for great things, great accomplishment, this month shall end with testimony in your life”

“We bless you today, move ahead, God is with you. Be careful and don’t step, don’t move on high ways where Angels fear to thread .
Remain on track, on the path of holiness, and it shall be well with you”

I am, Chidi okoroafor. General Superintendent. Assemblies of God Nigeria. God bless you


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