Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike Declares Loyalty to Assemblies Of God Nigeria

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Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike an ally to a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka has Declared Loyalty to the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria led by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor.


Below is his Post Confirming his Decision on Facebook


My name is Chinedu Jumbo Azubike , an ordained minister in Assemblies of God , Nigeria. My social media roles in the aftermath of 6th March , 2014 somehow catapulted me to National limelight in our cherished Church ! Opinions and views about my write-ups on Facebook are diverse !

I hereby declare and affirm that Rev. Dr.Chidi Okoroafor is the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria !

My journey to this decision started on 12th October, 2017 at AGC New Haven, Enugu.

All that played out indoors and on facebook over Sapele District and my being in the crossfire of the Sapele District saga also added springs to my thoughts and decision.

The exploits of Rev.Dr.Chidi’s administration in the Missions field are laudable. The guts to hold massive crusade at Arochukwu in the midst of challenges is commendable !

National Spiritual programs held across Nigeria by the leadership of Dr.Chidi Okoroafor are too tempting for me to overlook !

In the 40s, My grand father , late Deacon Matthew Nzewata was one of the pioneer missionaries that planted the AG Church in my village which is now a Sectional Headquarters ! My grandparents to my parents served God in AG way back ! My late parents served God as members under Rev.Cimino , Rev.Kashibu , Rev. Ajayi Shofile , Rev.Idogo , Rev.Vincent Alaje , Rev.Iloh , Rev.Edebvri before they passed on to glory !

I unequivocally declare that I identity with the Apex leadership of Assemblies of God Nigeria under the Superintendentship of Dr.Chidi Okoroafor !

I want my friends and loved ones to keep praying for me as I open up my heart to taking further steps as at when due. Please, remember my wife in prayers also.

As a minister in AG Nigeria , henceforth ,my loyalty is to Rev.Dr.Chidi Okoroafor , General Superintendent , AGN and the EC members !


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