Tithing Controversy: Assemblies Of God Nigeria Upholds Payment of Tithe



-Says Tithe Defaulting Is Rebellious-

Amidst the tithing Controversies that have fraught the Social Media Recently,the General Council of Assemblies Of God has re-asserted her Position that TITHING is Biblical and relevant in all Generations.

The General Committee of the Church which is the Second Highest Decision making organ after the”General Council in Session” at its Sitting on Friday 8th June 2018 at Evangel Camp Okpoto upheld the payment of Tithe which it agreed that Tithes belongs to God for his Servants and the Less Privileged.

The General Committee which was chaired by the General Superintendent Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor acted on the Position Paper Titled”PROPER BIBLICAL TITHING AND GIVING” Presented by Rev David Agu led Doctrinal Purity Commission which was saddled to come up with a paper on the TITHING Controversy.

According to the Report, from the beginning of the creation of man,there has been the understanding and acceptance of the fact that God has a portion in the fruit of the labor of our hands. The name “Tithe” may not have been given to it,but the knowledge was there which was why Cain and Abel brought Offerings to God.

“In the Course of history,the Knowldege and name “Tithe”was made known in the encounter between Abraham and Melchizedek(Gen.14:20) Abraham gave to Melchizedek,the king of Salem and the priest of the most High God tithes. Also Jacob vowed at Bethel(Formerly Known as Luz.) to give one-tenth of all that God would bless him with to God(Gen.28:20-22).This was well known and practiced by all who walked close to God.”

The Church said it was wrong for Preachers to Preach inside Public Transport and at the end collect Tithe.

“There are itinerant preachers who preach inside Public Transport that load in motor-parks and when they conclude their preaching they ask for Offering and Tithes. That is a wrong way to handle tithes because such money goes into the pockets of the preachers and not into the coffers of a Church or Ministry where elders can determine how to handle it according to the Scriptures”

Assemblies of God Nigeria as a full fledged Pentecostal denomination, believes and practices the scripture and cannot put Tithe and Tithing aside since she is obligated to Practice the whole Truth of the Bible

“To Condemn tithing in the church today and break away from it,is an act of rebellion against God and ingratitude to the authority and sovereignty of the Almighty God who gives Life and the Wisdom and Power to Make Wealth” the Church Said.

The General Committee unanimously upheld Tithing for Assemblies Of God Nigeria and adjourned sitting till 2019.


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