BETWEEN A Mandate And The Symbol Of The Mandate: An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari


By Ini Morgan

Dear President Muhammadu (Maimatsayi) Buhari,

Let me first, among other moral etiquette demanded by your office, apologize for being notorious with my open letters to you: it has become too many but I pray that you can view my pressure as coming from a very concerned citizen, one among whom you are First and equal, and who believes that if you, as our incumbent president fails us at this time, the realization of Nigeria’s hope of getting our democratic tenets right, and leading unto our becoming the torchbearer for the entire global black race would further deepen and become severely dampened. Your coming at this time is foundational; and this why I will not charge the economy to you, but on what you are presently doing to make it competitive and equitably to all. For now, I know that our economic system is an ongoing work that still robs the very poor and the vulnerable.

It is this onerous concern for a well oiled and robust leadership role by Nigeria over the global black race that pushes me to be brazen with my letter writing to you because, Mr President, I would not be able to afford the cost for any dire psychological or emotional mistake you could make if you are left without spiritual alerts – you know you are human sir. So Mr President, I write to you more frequently these days as the change that has begun with me.

I have come again this time with two issues of national importance:


Let me begin this letter with making my contribution to the trending incident of the Offa bank robbery of 5 April 2018, what it implies for Senator Bukola Saraki and his political involvement with the arrested suspects of that gruesome robbery attack Mr President. The reality of that Offa incidence replicates itself in every State of this country Ranka ya dade: truth be told sir. I can vouch for Senator Bukola Saraki that he did not send those suspects to rob or kill anyone Mr President, but it is very true that the suspects, as they truly confessed, took advantage of the usual political romance between political godfathers who have balkanized Nigerian States to themselves and the rascals they recruit to cage us violently, seeming irredeemably.

I agree totally that the suspects caught in respect of the Offa bank robbery found the morale to carry out their dastardly act, killing 33 innocent Nigerians including pregnant women and children in a frenzy, because Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed have indoctrinated them politically as their thugs, and for these ones, as long as they maraud in “Kwara South”, the “Good Boys” have nobody to fear: not even you Mr President. It was very unwise for Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor ‘fatah Ahmed to raise and nurse their social deficits and failed to contain them from the public. Wild dogs are kept in cages Mr President.

I doubt if both Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor ‘fatah Ahmed have any case to answer in the Offa robbery incident but they are both guilty for raising and nursing wild dogs they could not readily contain. Mr President sir, your senate president and the governor of his home State may not have hands in that offa robbery but its like the arrested suspects would not have turned out so beastly and courageous in crime commission without the kind of recruitment and training they enjoy as the political thugs of Bukola Saraki, this; knowing also that Governor Ahmed is also Senator Saraki’s political protege.

So Mr President, your senate president is guilty of raising and nursing those heartless murderers but not guilty of sending them out to rob and kill. So while taking a position on the matter sir, let Saraki be charged for raising youths with seared consciences, for making them ready to kill and for leaving them unrestrained. It is very disappointing that instead of providing training for national development for our youths, our political elites train youths for their next mandate robbery; kitting them with lethal weapons and charms.

I can say for sure now that none of those who presently parade themselves as representing Kwara people anywhere in Nigeria possess the true mandate of the people: they are all value subtracting usurpers. Mr President, sir, this is an area of national political leakage you quickly need to plug. Ensure sir, that come 2019 every Nigerian vote counts. You must not allow our collective adult suffrage to count equitably to a few second hand vehicles and pocket cash allocated to miscreants. Our political class have left well tarred roads and have gone missing in thick bushes: none of them thinks of job creation any more, they now talk of “empowerment”, the avenue where they prop cultism and electoral violence to sustain themselves in political office, wasting precious time and been purposeless.

Why would any leader prefer to give his subjects raw cash and “perishables” in the face of regard-full sound education and self reliance? Why share guns instead of pens? Which is cheaper and lighter to carry? The Offa robbers went to rob because they went broke: Saraki and Ahmed were not forthcoming with the next level of “empowerment” for their “Good Boys” – imagine the kind of youth leaders they raise over the innocent “Kwarans”. Hold Saraki responsible for raising those boys and not for the bank robbery Mr President. I recall how John Waney was taken down in Rivers State on the instruction of Governor Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike. This is your time Mr President.

Mr President, your political naivety threw Senator Bukola Saraki up as the President of the 8th National Assembly. You are listening to Bola Tinubu these days, unlike when he sought your attention on and interest in the leadership of the 8th National Assembly. I am now sure that you have learnt your lessons clearly sir: asking for the election of Adams Oshiomole as your party’s national chairman and Mai Mala Bunu as his secretary shows you have realized that you cannot work with just anybody. This is Nigeria Mr President, not Botswana. I sincerely pray that you will take this political lesson with you into your next administration. Ameen Thumma Ameen. Ramadan Kareem Mr President!

Mr President, majority of Nigerians do not understand how democracy works. You may wonder why a man living in a rural community in Akwa Ibom State would choose to blame you for his present sufferings, and would readily excuse his Local Government Chairman, his Councilors, members of the different legislative houses across board representing him, not understanding how, for example, a senator is drawn from Akwa Ibom State to Abuja, given an office and a house, paid very well too, to be the conveyor of the dividends of democracy from Aso Rock to those he represents. Yet, in the face of their daunting failures and incapacities, political leaders are hailed as heroes back home because they provide “empowerment” and because no “empowerment” comes from you…they say “Buhari is wicked”. How I now hate this word “empowerment” – spare me please! I will never seek it. It is the reward for criminals and jobless miscreants.

I am grateful to you Mr President for always appearing seemingly ready to address issues I raised with you on national politics. It is in this area of governance that I saw into very early in the administration of your first term mandate as clearly throwing you up as grossly derelict and inexperience. It is from this observation that my admiration for you soared and continues to soar. I have gathered rightly that you are a leader who listens well to your subjects if they can pass their reasoning across to you passionately. I recently called for the complete righting of the injustice of the annulment of the June 12 1993 presidential mandate popularly given by majority of Nigerians, across various borders, breaking down every restrictive barriers, particularly the barrier of a Muslim/Muslim ticket


REDEEMING The Time: NIGERIA Needs A Muslim/muslim Ticket For The 2019 Presidential Election

Mr President sir, I insist that there was a reason why the Almighty God allowed that breakthrough in Nigeria, and until his will prevails, we will further push our aimless “nascent” political wanderings as the Jews did on the Sinai Peninsula. So you have felt the right wind blow you Mr President but rather than seek to address the robbing of the most popular Nigerian mandate since our existence as a people, you have rather chosen to decorate the symbols of that mandate. This is like whitewashing a sepulchre Mr President.

Your conferment of prestigious national honors on the 2 (Muslim) men who were the symbols of the June 12 1993 mandate as former President and Vice President, as it now stands, makes it also incumbent on Nigerians to accept why we should all permit you, Mr President, to bid for a second term with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, another Muslim, standing as your running mate. What you did a few days ago justified my article, published by PUO Reports on the need to ask for an APC Muslim/Muslim Ticket for the 2019 Presidential election.

You see, there is a way of the spirits Mr President. Natural things happen in two realms, and each realm can be appropriated by nature: the creator’s nativity and the human nativity. God has his hands in everything on earth by permitting them. I always want to talk about this country looking at it from the creator’s nativity.

I am sure someone out there is listening to me because I see that at every stage, how my contributions on social media platforms find the right attentions with you Mr. President, and I am grateful to God that you first heard me when you discontinued with the tenure elongation of the APC leadership. This is the only way I find myself in a position of getting my President to actualize my opinion – “Its such a good feeling today, when I can hear (you) from across the oceans sing my song”, as my legendary Lucky Dube sang in his song “different colors”.

Mr President, sir, you must, first and foremost, be commended for taking an usually bold step to activate an unusual remittance of political justice. Yes! It costs Nigeria and Nigerians nothing to bestow on Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola the prestigious and the highest honour in and of our land, the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR). It also costs Nigeria and Nigerians nothing to move our “Democracy Day” celebrations from 29 May to June 12. It does not call for any constitutional noise by the PDP. It was in deviance of the June 12 date that Olusegun Obasanjo, in trying to devalue the symbolism of June 12 and demystify the political struggle of the south west, laterally took the May 29 date for himself – a very arrogant, self-filled man. That was a PDP government that did that and no constitutional noise was made then. So Mr President, you have done well.

Let me, however, make this clear Mr President that it is the mandate that creates its symbol, and not the other way round. You had the opportunity of working with Bola Tinubu, a good Muslim and the biggest living contributor to the sustenance of the June 12 struggle in 2011 but you rejected him, scuttling the possibility of remitting the Muslim/Muslim ticket of June 12 1993.

In 2015, you chose him as your running mate, but caved in to the opposers of divine will, ending the possibility of a Muslim/Muslim ticket in that political season. God has brought this chance again in 2019, please Mr President, call the bluff of any God-opposer, no matter how strong he appears, and choose Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as your running mate in 2019. This will file out the complete righting of the injustice of the June 12 1993 presidential mandate – the mandate given to two Muslim men in Nigeria. There is nothing illegal and unconstitutional about it, and enough of politicizing religion in Nigeria.

Finally, Mr President, your declaration of the Abiola Presidency and the redemption of the struggle literally sentences Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida “to death by firing squad”; as you have so declared against his coordinated “mutiny” against the June 12 mandate and the Nigerian state. Mr President, you have tactically made the “evil genius” a state criminal by your popular declaration a few days ago. He was the man who introduced everything “black market” in Nigeria – black market fuel, black market Dollar, and black market politicians like Bukola Saraki. How badly he is ending ignobly. God help us.

God bless my President
God bless all Nigerians
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Thank you Mr President

I am Citizen Ini Akpan Morgan writing from Uyo Akwa Ibom State. You can reach me via “”


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