Youths Life-Wire of the Church,Chidi Okoroafor Says as he Congratulates Assemblies Of God Nigeria Youths.



General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has described the Youths as the Life-wire of the Church.

Dr Okoroafor in a Congratulatory message he signed on Sunday to mark the 2018 General Council Youth Day with the THEME “Glowing Glory” urged Churches to give the Youths Platforms to perform.

“On Behalf of the Apex Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,I congratulates the Youths of Assemblies Of God Nigeria”

“To the Youths you are the pulse and Life-wire of the Church,let the Glory of the Lord Glow in You”

While Urging the Youths to show Great Example even as they celebrate,the General Superintendent urged those who are of the Voting age to participate in the Politics of the Nation.

“At the same time i want to urge our Youths to follow great example as they read the word of God as they celebrate shun Violence,shun things that will bring instability to the Nation”

“I want to tell our Youths especially those who of the age to get themselves prepared to participate in the Nigerian Politics by ensuring that if you are not yet registered,you get Registered and if you feel led,participate in decent Politics of the Nation”

“we are part and parcel of the Federal Republic of Nigerians so that will shall show example of How Politics could be done without Violence”

“It is the will of God because we are not Nigerians by accident,we are fully Nigerians: The grace of the Lord be with you today and we pray that put of the Youths the Lord will raise great men and women who will be a Blessing to the Church and the Society at Large”

He prayed for the Increase of God’s oil upon the Youths.

“My prayer is that your zeal,Commitment and oil shall increase,we believe in our Youths and I urge all our Pastors to believe in the Youths and give them platforms to perform”

“Thank You,I Appreciate you and we Love You, Chidi Okoroafor General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria” the Statement Concluded

Youth Day is celebrated in all Assemblies Of God Churches Nation Wide


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