Ikoro to NWC: Give Concession to Okorocha and Loose Imo State


.The chairman of Imo APC Stakeholders forum chief Okey Ikoro has threatened that should the NWC of the party give any form of concession to Owelle Rochas Okorocha with regards to the concluded ward,local government and state congreses, for any concoted reason, the party stands every chance of loosing the state in the 2019 election.

Chief Ikoro said that the jubiliation witnessed in the state when the governor was defeated in the congresses, shows exactly how badly the governor has managed the affairs of the party and the state in general. He said it was only the results of the Congress that stopped the mass Exodus of imolites from the party.

He said that the governor has totally weakened the party base in the state through his actions and policies such as
Personalising the party, through ursurpation of the powers of the state exco.

Arogating to himself the power of sharing the elective positions in the party for 2019 election.

Subjecting the party to riddicle through forceful insistence on presenting his son in-law as the governorship candidate for the party.

Factionalisation of the party, by creating a parallel structure to that of the party in other to actualise the son in-law succession plan.

The governor who has depleted the fortunes of the party through his anti people’s policies and programs, which includes

Convertion of state properties and lands to personal use in full glare of imo indigens.

Demolition of people’s legal properties without payment of any form of compensation

Forceful acquisition of land from both communities and individuals without regards to due process.

Total disobedience to court orders and proocesses

Forceful reduction of salaries of civil servants to 70% and none payment of pension to pensioners.

Destruction of people’s means of livelihood through demolition of markets both in the rural and urban areas with out providing alternative places in the name of urban and rural renewal, causing untold hardship to rural men and women.

Debasing of the church through open confrontation with the church to the level of attempt to attack the arch Bishop of owerri inside the church, bearing in mind that the Catholic Church constitutes about 60% of imo state.

I could go on and on, but from the above, it is very obvious that Rochas Okorocha has become a liability to the party and to South East in general, he has lost any electoral influence, that was why he lost woefully in the congresses. It was the only opportunity for APC party faithfuls to express there disgust with Okorochas antics.

it is therefore clear that should the NWC for any reason , even for a concoted court order give any form of concession to Rochas Okorocha in the present impass in the party, or fail to uphold the already approved imo Congress list by the previous NWC, due to the rantings of Rochas Okorocha, it will reverse all the gains so far made in the recovery of the party by the stake holders and will set the stage for loss of the state to opposition party in the 2019 election.

Chief Ikoro insisted that it is expected that the party at the National will immediately appeal the current court decision on this matter, and get a stay of execution of the order for a new Congress , having recognized and approved the Imo Congress list along side other successful state congresses ,and having ratified it in a National convention, bearing in mind that party congresses is under the exclusive reserve of the party.

It is also obvious that Okorocha and his group, violeted the party constitution by taking the party to court without exhausting all stipulated means of dispute resolution before challenging the party in court.
In any properly managed party, this act is supposed to earn Okorocha and his group a suspension from the party.

The stake holders will resist any attempt by the party to try to assuage Okorocha and by attempting to conduct any fresh Congress in Imo state, or acceeding to Okorochas purported harmonization agenda.

This critical decision by the Party National working committee of the party will make or mare APC in Imo state.


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