Alex Otti, The Desperate Man! By Ogba Chinwendu Kalu


It’s saddening when I read from the stables of the likes of Mr. Alex Otti, running down leaders of Abia who have carved an inch for themselves. And to worsen the issue, when the said leader is Sen. TA Orji, Ochendo Abia.

Ordinarily, as a citizen, I would have ignored his steady ranting, but for the fact that he went too far to start calling names, I felt pinched by Alex’s posts and decided to relate to him on the ground that he has been lying all way through.

From my findings, I have come to realise that Sen. TA Orji as then sitting governor of Abia State, took Otti like a younger brother and never lied to him about his choice of getting a successor from the Ngwa side of Abia South.

Otti out of desperation, changed over night to become and Ngwa man from being an Arochukwu man. As if that was not enough, he made offer of N3B, inducement to Sen. TA Orji, which the distinguished Senator rejected and maintained his ground on balancing Abia Chatter of a Equity by 2015 election.

Election came and gone, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu became Abia State Governor. Otti went to tribunal to oppose the victory of Ikpeazu, after the re-run that Ikpeazu won convincingly. All what happened in that tribunal till Supreme Court, today, is history.

Otti out of desperation, showed up his ugly face again when Dr. Uche Ogah case against Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu took a new dimension in the court. God also saved Abia State from drifting into the hands of Otti who is a serial money launderer, lier, land grabber and Will falsifier, after the Supreme Court judgment.

It’s eminent, someone tell Otti to forget his wild goose chase of Abia State Government house as Abians already know who he is.
God will not forgive Abians if they ever make a mistake of voting a money launderer, a land grabber and WILL FALSIFIER into Abia government house.

The likes of Otti are not meant to be given any opportunity to grab any public office as it’s glaring, he will use such office to intimidate and humiliate the poor.

A man that could deny his ancestral lineage, just for the quest of political office, shouldn’t be trusted with any political office.

A man that can not be accessed even by his friends, is not carved for a public office. His arrogant nature will cause the poor, more pains if Abians make that mistake of voting him into power.

If he could induce a poor widow with little cash and take over her sons only inheritance from her late husband without a second thought, Alex Otti will be a nightmare to Abians if by mistake he is elected.

If Alex Otti can falsify the WILL of his late bossom friend, to acquire the chunk of his properties and not minding how close he was with the said friend and what will be the faith of the late friends family, Alex, can falsify any document to sale Abia if we ever make such a mistake of giving him Abia.

Alex Otti is a desperate man, who can tell any lie to deceive his gullible followers. It seems that he has mastered his tricks which he crafted and designed to always take over this gullible minds.

Calling Sen. TA Orji names is a sign of struggle to whip up sentiments from the gullible minds he always deceive. This is also a gimmick to boost his already damaged personality in Abia.

Alex should forget the Abia government house as Abians are already aware of whose card he has been playing.

We are aware that the hotel in Lagos he parades as his own, is a combined business with a particular Sun Haven Hotel which is own by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.

Abians are wiser!

Ogba Chinwendu Kalu Abia Concerned Citizens


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