What Does Alex Otti Wants from Abia Government House?

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Each day, bring it’s on abracadabra and the cunny man show from our dear Ngwa/ Arochukwu brother Otti.

He who the gods want to destroy, they first make him deaf. Alex Otti should have known that the gods of Aro are quiet unhappy with him, hence, his making the blunder of taking a deputy from Abia North, while he is truly from Abia North. However, it’s very glaring that Alex Otti  can’t even ascertain his true origin, courtesy, of desperation for a government house that he will never occupy.

Ordinarily, one would have said, that Alex Otti should wait for the turn of Abia North, but going by his own desperate calculation and steps, he has moved himself out of the equation, as his story is of that joke, about a woman whom God created with a beautiful dark skin and she turned out bleaching her skin to white, making it difficult for God to track her to bless her…Lol.

What do we call this week show of Otti and the Presidential aide Mr. Femi Adeshina?

How can Otti invite Femi to Abia to commission a road project of NDDC, yet uncompleted? I am aware that the NDDC Chairman and Commissioners are strictly of the APC party members? Can one explain to me how APGA became the attractor of that job?

Anyone that knows Otti should tell him that his style of pallying with the leadership of the ruling party each time he comes out for his sojourn yet being a member of another party and hoping he could use that to sway voters, will not work, as it has never worked before.

Abians are also aware that Otti doesn’t have the financial capacity to run the forthcoming election as it was, in his first outing.

Abians could be anything he call us, but not Alex Otti’s fools as he thought with his mirage show with Adeshina.

We are waiting!

Ogba Chinwendu Kalu
Abia Concerned Citizens

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