Don’t Wish Me Happy Valentine’s Day! By Chukwudi Ogbu

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 Nigerians like celebrations alot. And it has been very obvious that we always want to throw a party at almost every festive season. Our clubbing attitude seems to have taken most of our time that we end up not seeing the positive benefits at the other end of not partying. This is one reason I don’t go clubbing.
 A friend of mine told me yesterday that he would make this Valentine’s day a hell on earth. That he would bring down fire from heaven. This attitude I had known him with, seems to be irking me now. What he was trying to say was that he would spend so much money extravagantly to make sure his woman feel happy. Then I reminded him of the tale from last year’s Valentine’s day of a girl who came to Asaba from warri to meet with her boyfriend. They went out shopping all sorts of gucci bags and eating fish barbecued. They ended up being stranded. The boy had to call his friend to lend him some money because they had spent beyond boundaries. I told him that our people don’t use bold hands to mole Eba even though the both hands were washed clean.
  I told him to give caesar what belongs to caesar. I told him not to behave like that foolish virgin who didn’t go with extra oil in her lamp.
  So many people have gone into bankruptcy because they had spent in excess trying to keep their lady shining and glowing. Many people will also fall victim of bankruptcy today if cares is not taken. This is not to say that you won’t take care of your woman. Or you shouldn’t take care of your man. But spending too much money on a Valentine’s day that is only evanescent is nothing but outrageous. It does not tell right that you actually have that cupid love towards that person. Valentine’s day is not lovers day. It is not a day for young boys and girls engaging in premarital sex. It is not a day to rub thighs together to reach orgasm. Valentine’s day is not a day to serve sex in exchange for flattering gifts.
 Valentine’s day is not birth day or Christmas day neither is it newyear’s day.
 Please don’t wish me happy Valentine. Don’t wish me anything. If you see me later today, lets just greet each other like we normally do and go our separate ways. Don’t ask me where I will be taking my woman to later in the day. Because like any other day, we can always have our own lovers day.
 Showing how caring you can be to your loved one this Valentine’s day is a loveable one when things are done in a significant manner that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of that person.
Chukwudi Ogbu is a writer and co-convener of THE ENLIGHTENED
He writes from Asaba via

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