ORJI Kalu A Political Marauder And A Shameless Failure By Eze Onyekwere



I have always restrained myself from discussing or even reacting to issues raised by the former governor of Abia state Chief Orji Kalu because as much as we know him he is nothing but an attention seeker and an opportunist, but each time I read or listen to him speak, I see through him a man who lacks shame and decency, recently I read where Orji Kalu was addressing fellow APC members and in his usual rabble-rousing and unguarded manner of talking he said governor Ikpeazu is being remote controlled by Chinedu Orji, while I am fully aware that nobody takes Orji Kalu seriously having been known in the country’s political circles as a busy body and a political liability to every political party that identifies with him and he displays his shamelessness by utilizing every little opportunity to display his nuisancy.
It is however instructive that Orji Kalu be reminded that Abia is in safe hands with Dr. Ikpeazu and that we are no longer in the era of mamacracy and Okija shrine politics of 1999-2007, when his mother will sit down in her Nweke street residence, dish out instructions and direct activities in government house Umuahia.

When his family takes every government appointee to Okija shrine for fetish oath taking, incase you are still living in the past be reminded that Abians are happy with Ochendo because he has delivered Abia from the spiritual bondage Orji kalu’s family had put the state in.

Just may be Orji Kalu still thinks that Abians have forgotten in a hurry what he and his mother made us go through and that we are still living in the era of people controlling governments from outside, those days are gone and we are happier without them.

I will advise Orji Kalu to go and prepare for the jail time awaiting him for corruption because God in heaven and Abians have not forgiven them for what they made us pass through and how they turned Abia into a personal estate before God intervened through Senator T. A. Orji and rescued Abia from their wicked grip and today Abia is better off without them.

His excellency may be you have lost touch with reality having become a serial election loser, let me nudge you back to reality, Honourable Engineer Chinedum Orji is the majority leader of the Abia State House of Assembly and he is very busy genuinely assisting the government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu on how to succeed and make Abia a better place and to that effect they are succeeding and Abians happier without your family, we are also aware of all your labourious attempts aimed at getting your hands back at the treasury of the state but Abians are wiser and smarter and God in heaven will never allow you to succeed in this your evil political expedition.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu the days of remote controlling Abia from the confines a fetish shrine in Okija Anambra state is over, Senator T. A Orji has led the state back to God and God is the one controlling affairs in Abia state of today.

Eze Onyekwere Wrote from. He Umuahia 


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