Saraki And The Presidential Crown… By Chukwudi Ogbu


Saraki defection did not come as a surprise. He had been persecuted in the Code of Conduct Tribunal even more than Jesus disciples. He was linked to bank robbery by his purported party brothers. He had to find solace in the other side of the coin. He defected.

There are differences between an apple and a orange. But since Saraki defection, he has been labelled a traitor. A scum from Offa. They said his action was treacherous. Oshiomhole says he his no longer fit to be Senate President. Oshiomole has a wide mouth. He said Saraki is now a minority. And that the crown belongs to the majority. Minority cannot lead majority in any clime. It cannot lead in this clime too.

They all want Saraki impeached. The handwriting is no longer on the wall. You can screen them.  He must watch his back or else he gets stab. He must take off his gloves and be ready with bare knuckles. And strong fist. They say he must resign and surrender the crown immediately. They claim he has defiled the land. He ate from the forbidden fruit and that he is now naked. A naked king brings disregard. He dinned with the devil without good table manners. His balls are out and they want him out. The gods are angry. But they are not angry with president Buhari who has been docile about critical national issues. They said he should be given more time.

A king must have the heart of majority of the kinsmen. He must need their support. Or fall. He must not sneer at their leprotic state even though they may be docile. He must not play politics with the crown. The crown his vital. He must not become an egocentric Saul. Or he shall loose his head and loose the crown.

The All Progressive Congress, APC, have not given us hundred million reason to oust Saraki. Atleast a tangible one will be okay. They said its not morally right. They say it’s their birthright. But perhaps its legal. They are not talking about Tambuwal and 2014. They said Tambuwal is a bad precedent. We don’t allow bad precedent to be followed. Even in law.

They are waiting for the Senate to reconvene next week. They are hell-bent to bring Saraki to the mud. They are not talking about the presidential flop of not including the INEC and the 2019 election in the proposed bill sent to the National Assembly. They said the National Assembly should have scrutinized properly. The National Assembly tried to reconvene and put the record straight. There was a siege. It doesn’t matter if people say the siege was meant to stop saraki’s impeachment process. But there was INEC’s issue on ground!

But why has Saraki not behave like Akpabio. Why has he not tender his resignation since they are now minority. The crown belongs to the majority. They claim that they are on recess. They believe more defectors will come to the PDP. And that there will be no need for such resignation.

If Saraki must abdicate the throne it must be legal. Until then, the crown must be preserved!


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