2019: Stop harassment, intimidation of opposition, Igbo group cautions APC


An Igbo Socio-Cultural Organisation, Imeobi Igbo, has cautioned the All Progressives Congress (APC) over alleged use of security agencies to arrest, intimidate and harass the members of opposition parties in the country.

National Chairman of Imeobi Igbo, Chief Mike Ikegulu-Onugha, stated this, on Sunday, while reacting to the siege on the National Assembly by operatives of the Department of State Security Services (DSS), last week.

He said it was a tip of the iceberg of what APC and the Federal Government would do against the expectation of Nigerians in 2019 election.

According to him, “If the Senate could be so raped then anything could happen in this country. I am afraid of 2019 because characters like this, the ruling party, they will intimidate the INEC, tell them what to do and they will be forced to do it.


“Anybody who can go and take over NASS can take over Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) sack the workers or tell INEC what to do.

“What they did was simply to intimidate the National Assembly members (NASS) may be because of the defection from APC to PDP. To intimidate those who still want to dump the ruling party.

“It gave Nigeria a terrible image. There should be an enquiry to know who and who were involved because the former DG of DSS, Mr.  Lawal Daura would not have done it alone,” he posited.

He said that, “I had expected bloodshed because if you had watched the clip of what was shown in the Television you would have seen that those Senators challenging the DSS officials were really out for a show down, they were hurt and the masked men (DSS) were ready too”.


“It is a damage control in favour of the government and the ruling party, to have saved the day. We are tired of body language, President Buhari has to make a statement now to know which side he belongs.

“I don’t think Yemi Osinbajo did the sacking of the DSS Director General alone. Impunity is worse than corruption. A corrupt person will be doing all sorts of things secretly. Impunity is a kind of legalizing everything that is democratic”, Ikegulu-Onugha stated.











































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