SARAKI Deserves Prison NOT The Senate Presidency by Ini Morgan

Let us imagine this: Nigerians witnessed the valedatory session of the 7th National Assembly, and watched most of the deliberations in the red chambers at the twilight of their emergence. It would be recalledĀ  that 85% of the bills passed by that Assembly were passed in 3 days. Did we forget this? It was then that Nigerians knew that their politicians, especially, in this case, involving distinguished senators of the federal republic, were also magicians who pretend to be lazy in the face of their wonderful capacities: wasting 4 years for 3 days.
“Imagine That” was a song sang by the group “Sky Plus” many years ago. In all honesty, Nigerians were disturbed by what they saw during that time. Senator Bukola Saraki served as Chairman, Senate Committee on Environment in that unfortunate Assembly. The target of this literal snapshot is to show to readers of this piece a recallable picture that before the Swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari on 29 May 2015, members of the 7th National Assembly had rounded up on their mandates and all of them, expectedly, had vacated the premises of the National Assembly accordingly.
In every kind of conception, it is only in magic that propagation or conception is not according to kind: like turning sand in plate into serviceable plate of deliciously looking cooked rice with stew on it. It is also found in the insensibility of turning stones to bread. You can either eat sand or chew stones.
Nigerians found themselves having some rich men who have intentionally made themselves magicians and have strongly held Nigerians down in spiritual diabolism. It was from the midst of this 7th Assembly that Senator Bukola Saraki emerged to be scoreĀ  again for his inauguration into the 8th Senate, on 9 June 2015. He has shown to have severally coveted the seat, unfortunately inordinately.
It was reported in news, after the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly and the elections of the principal officers of that Assembly, that at dawn of that date, Senator-elect Bukola Saraki, who should not have been found, at all, on the premises of the National Assembly, after the closure of the 7th Assembly, and before the inauguration of the 8th Assembly, was found on the premises of the National Assembly Complex at an ungodly hour, particularly, the car park area. He slept inside a small car.
What is happening in this country? Who do these people think they are? Can any of them die for Nigeria? Can any of them stake their lives for a cause like Abubakar Shekau is doing? Better Nigerians are known, and Shekau enjoys a better score with some. He is bold, he is courageous, he is not sneaky about his determinations. This is commendable, though he is blood guilty. Where are the saints?
Shekau does not see life as cheap, and so he lays down his own for Boko Haram. It is men that do this, not women in men’s skin. Nigerians must wake up to justice and fair play if we must take the shackles around our lives, off our necks. The caliber of politicians we have in this country are shackles that will not allow us live well enough. They are vampires!
The Inspector General of Police is hereby and herein challenged to investigate the Head of Security at the National Assembly complex on the night of Senator Saraki illegal invasion of the complex. Did he obtain the consent of the security apparatus at the complex before accessing the premises at dawn?
Nigerians need to know. This is necessary because it must be distinguished if Saraki’s invasion of the national assembly complex at the dawn of 9 June 2015 had the collaborations of security agents or not. However it is, whether security agents were involved or not, it is certain that Senator Saraki trespassed the premises of the national assembly on that dawn.
And if he was aided by agents of government, it is the responsibility of the Inspector General of Police to ensure justice is done to this fact of criminal trespass by Senator Saraki and everyone who was involved in that illegal act.
What should not be should not be allowed to be. Corruption does not end with the economy, it is also about ethics, character and godliness in leadership. It is divine that people are only happy when the righteous rules. Nigeria must not be doomed. No one can tell why there is so much blood letting in our polity, but God knows best. We cannot continue to kill the helpless while we excuse our worst nightmares in leadership.
This is unmitigatedly instructive. If the Nigerian authority continues to send petty criminals to their graves, shedding their blood, and then turn blind eyes to spiritually bloody criminals, then the woes are many that will visit us as a people.
This is therefore a call for the investigation and arrest of Senator Bukola Saraki for criminally trespassing the premises of the National Assembly on the dawn of 9 June 2015, when he had no legal business to do there than his treachery against the Nigerian state.
This call is a citizen’s demand, and the Almighty God is hereby petitioned, to take note and never ease the disaster upon those in devious authority over this country. This is so that Nigerians can break from their Egypt. I rest my case.
Ini Akapan Morgan is the Convener of the APC Patriots Grouping (APCpg) in Akwa Ibom State and he writes from Uyo. He can be reached via “


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