Ohuabunwa,Abia North Deserves Quality Representation By Sunny Chinecherem Nzere



The difference between a politician and a statesman is that; A politician thinks about the
next election while a statesman think about the next generation. – James F Clarke.

To some politicians, politics is simply about themselves as any other thing is completely irrelevant and not important. Even their own constituents that voted them into power are being regarded as nothing. Little wonder why a former Governor of Abia state almost enforced his family(Himself, his wife and son) on Abians. That’s by the way.

First of all I want to join most Arochukwu indigenes to thank the government of Akwa-Ibom state for making their road available to us. Precisely, the Ikpe-Ikot Nkone/Obotme/Arochukwu Road. This is one road that connects Arochukwu from Akwa Ibom state. I also got to know that our very own senator, Mao Ohuabunwa who hails from Atani in Arochukwu LGA. visits his home town via that same route, Abandoning the Arochukwu-Ohafia-Bende Road he promised to look into and ensure it is being worked on. All we get to hear is that ‘government have approved billions for the construction of the road’. This is same Ohuabunwa that told us the cost of constructing the road is in the 2017 budget.

Last weekend while attending an event at my home town, I took it upon myself to tour Arochukwu LGA and some part of Abia North in order to ascertain the level of development some representatives of the zone claimed to have attracted and are executing in Abia North. What I met on ground left me with no other choice but to wonder where and how indigenes of Abia state have gone wrong to deserve the ill treatment they are getting from their various leaders.
After leaving umuahia, our driver took a turn by the right, leading to villages in Itumbauzo community in Bende LGA instead of the usual Aro-Ohafia road. A road I have never plied in my life. When I asked why, the driver said in Igbo, ‘It’s like you want us to get to Arochukwu at night’. Immediately, my spirit became weak.

Although I wasn’t surprise because it is no longer strange to me that major roads in Abia North have been abandoned and are now death traps to most travelers who ply the road. You cannot come across any part of that road that is good. Not even 100Metres. You can’t. Meanwhile, we have a senator who goes home through Ikot and a rep member whose journey always ends at Abam, his home town. At the end of the month, both goes home with fat pays.

Going around some communities, i begin to ask myself where all the rural electrification they talked are. How about the Health centres, the renovated(RE-PAINTED) schools, the skill acquisition centres amongst others. isn’t it shameful that a politician will be selling such lies to people? In this 21st century where most communities see all these as a thing of the past.

One will just sit and wonder if Abia North have a representative in the House of Assembly. Yes we have one. One whose only achievement in the senate since he was elected is to be the chairman of “primary healthcare and communicable diseases committee” in the senate. One whose sole interest is to seek re-election while his own people that voted for him are languishing in pains.

The painful and heart breaking part of the whole thing is that very little or nothing is being done to make Abia North better. Instead of developments, propaganda upon propaganda is being sold out to members of the public. All we see are roads being constructed on social media and newspapers. All we see are flag off ceremonies and then abandoned projects.

I understand that my distinguished senator, Mao Ohuabunwa represented Arochukwu/ohafia at the House or representative for 8years during which he attracted alot of development to the region. Am sure who ever said that forgot to put the prefix “Under” before the “development” but one thing I know is that Abia North have not enjoyed any form of development since he assumed office.

Over half A Billion Naira go to the LGAs in Abia North from the FAAC monthly yet some of the communities are still living in abject poverty while a lot of others can’t boast of one quality infrastructure. No good road, no good water, no electricity.

Most projects we hear about on radio and those we see on prints are only done to confuse unsuspecting members of the public. Very few are real and the real ones are done with inferior materials. Imagine a politician who claimed to have rehabilitated a school only went there and repainted the walls of the said school. Like my able senator once distributed frying pans and gas cylinders to our mothers and sisters. Some even know him as “Frying Pan Senator”.

I had to end my tour on a painful note. As a matter of fact, I had to take a bike from Arochukwu to Ohafia and then a bus to Umuahia just fill my eyes and understand what my people are passing through.

To my Dear senator, Abia North deserves better. A better representation is all we ask.
Come 2019, it won’t be business as usual.



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