WHY T. A Is A Bad Man



After 2011 election when Abia State was liberated from the acclaimed Okija Politics and Egusi-Appointment democratic movement, many doffed their hats with props on the pages of newspapers daily by many, Bank MDs and corporate orgs helmsmen inclusive. A lot of dithyrambs even on the TVs were seen daily.

Most of the money bags were seen almost on daily bases in Government House. As soon as 2015 election was approaching, some of them ran and got PDP party cards as members. Also, prior to the 2015 election, all of them went and secured PDP nomination and expression of interest forms.

At some point, Senator T.A. Orji, the then Governor was very sincere enough to had told them that the governorship slot was to be zoned to Ndi Ngwa. One of them, surreptitiously went and transferred his party card from Abia North to one of the Ngwa LGAs and also hurriedly went to same place he had abandoned decades ago and built a house between.

Senator T. A Orji showed more sincerity by saying that “for the sake of equitable distribution of power in the three senatorial districts of the State, that Governorship slot was to be zoned to Abia South, Abia North and Central having taken 8year term (16yrs). Then, one of them ran out of PDP and entered APUGA. He got there and caused the problems that are fighting him today.

Immediately the PDP ticket to contest for the governorship seat was denied them, Senator T. A Orji became Onye ojo, ogbu mmadu, onye nshi, onye this and onye that.

But let me ask; if TA had helped them clinched the PDP ticked and they won the election, would he have had these unprintable names? The names they call TA today is not because of performance. It is just because he stood his ground against marginalization. It is because he stood his ground and said that Abia South man made up of Ndi Ngwa and Ukwa shall be Governor.


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