Reason Why Amaechi is hell Bent on Destroying Rivers APC by Finebone Princewill



Except for the few blinded followers who are stuck to his apron because of handouts and the expectation of (no longer existing) political appointment,every member of our party worth his salt knows that CRA is presently in a desperate mode.He is gasping for air to survive in the emerging politics of the country.

His original plan of pairing with El Rufai as vice president crashed,when suddenly an ailing PMB,against his calculation bounced back fit and strong to continue from where he left off.

After months of brooding,and encouraged by his staunch ally, outgoing Chairman Oyegun,he changed his toga as an Ikwerre South southerner and practically moved to the South East Igbo enclave,first changing his dress style (Ozo cap and the accompanying attire),and later flaunting his names – Chi-bu-ike and Onye-ma-echi (Amaechi)- in order to get acceptance in the Igbo fold.His ultimate goal is to develop enough momentum in order to launch his bid for Igbo presidency in 2023!

The removal of Chief John Odigie Oyegun as party chairman, however, to some extent eroded that plan.So,he becomes an angry man with a real vexed soul,kicking at everything on his way not minding the possible bodily harm it may also cause him.

Knowing that the emerging structure may not strengthen his ambition,he,in collaboration with his men at the national stage and with tonnes of cash available to him decided to make huge political INVESTMENTS in many of the states, particularly in the S-south region.The idea was to deploy large sums of previously acquired funds to these states through his acolytes,with a view to controlling the party structures there for his future presidential bid.His interest is no more in Rivers State than his presidential ambition!

What he is doing essentially is to BOND the base,so that if his ambition is shut out in APC,he will move to SDP with his people to continue his push as an Igbo candidate.

I repeat,what CRA wants is just the party structure.Are you not surprised the way he is dolling out millions of Naira because of party structure? What about the bullet proof car gifts?Did he ever come this out to fight so that our LGA chairmen and councillors would return to their offices? Did he spend a tenth of what he’s currently spending ? He abandoned the more important duty that has more inherent benefits to a selfish,personal ambition.Na wah o.

…to be continued.

Finebone Princewill is a Stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State 


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