An Open Letter To The PDP National Chairman, Chief Uche Secondus And Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (PhD) Of Abia State: Call For Free And Fair Primaries In PDP… By Faith Okezie


Ahead of the people’s democratic party PDP primaries, it has become necessary to appeal to the party’s leadership to ensure a transparent, free and fair conduct of primary election that will satisfy all contestants devoid of grievances with unpleasant outcomes.

It has been my prayer that the PDP should respect democratic principles and value by ensuring that power is not snatched from the people but given to them as the party upholds and ensures internal democracy through the participation of the grassroots and delegates at the primary and general elections.

If the forthcoming primaries are free, fair and transparent, devoid of corruption, rancour, conspiracy and maneuvering, I Faith Okezie will continue to campaign, work for the success of the candidates and also ensure that people are adequately mobilized to vote and return Okezie/ Ukochukwu in 2019 if the primary election is transparent.

My interest is for the PDP to remain in power In Abia State but I do know that being a party member is a matter of personal choice but the choice of who to represent the people is the people’s perrogative which I must respect.

The party is a vehicle to take the aspirants to the people, but if the vehicle is not going the direction of popular choice, then redefining objectives will be inevitable . In a clear term, if the PDP primaries at national and state level are manipulated, then the party’s ability to retain power in 2019 will be dicey and I will bow to the will of the majority, the grassroot and those who value righteous and just leadership. I thank the party’s leadership for preserving existing friendships and love. In fact, we are brothers because our personal interests will never override good sense of reasoning hence we will work together as a family if free and fair primaries are allowed to produced the best.

PDP has remained in power in Abia state from the inception of democracy except b/w 2007-2011, not because all members are money bags but due to the faithfulness of our founding father’s to the ideals of internal democracy and preference for merit, experience, competence and the recognition of popular interest that looks beyond sponsors, godfathers and financial status.

If the ruling party PDP in Abia state does not allow a level playing ground, the consequences of greed and irresponsibility may result in our collective failure which may lead to some persons making very hard choices to prepare the grassroot for possible exodus from the party.

I want to strongly caution against imposing an unpopular aspirant as candidate during the PDP primaries as that will spell doom for the party at the general elections. It is worthy of note that party primaries can be rigged for a preferred unpopular candidate or puppet but the general elections cannot be so manipulated for him or her, especially now that we are in the opposition at the federal level.

I strongly advise the leadership of our great party at the state level and our “Talk Na Do Governor” Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to back their words with action since they have assured all aspirants that the party would conduct a free, fair and credible primary election that would be acceptable to all the aspirants, and that only the will of the people would prevail at the primaries, so let them stand by their words. So I am using this medium to call on the leadership of our great party at all levels to avoid the Ekiti state experience.
Let me use this opportunity to thank our esteemed supporters for their maximum cooperation. Together victory is sure. Let me also assure you that our Talk Na Do Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu will not allow imposition despite the closeness of political office holders to him or the party’s leadership. We are going to actualise the goal of liberating our people from political slavery.

This open letter is borne out of my love towards building the party in my little way and contributing to its success and am ready to do more for the party to win at the national level and any elections in Abia state.

Our party in Abia state remains powerful, a privilege that must be secured with collective efforts and interests by closing ranks. The party’s leadership have laid the foundation for an end to petty grievances and false promises that for too long had strangled our democracy and it is my prayer that such foundation be further strengthened beyond sentiments.

Long live our party PDP
Long live Abia State
Long live Isi alangwa south L.G.A


Faith Okezie,
a PDP member from Okporo Ahaba ward 10.


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