Nigerian Lady Narrates Story Of Her One Night Stand With Nollywood Actor Mr Ibu


A beautiful Nigerian lady has just taken to social media to accuse veteran Nollywood comic actor of extra marital affairs.

She carefully how she enjoyed her one night stand with John Okafor but also known as, Mr Ibu. Identified as Igwe Gloria on Facebook, the pretty lady took to a Facebook group ‘No CHILLS in NAIJA’, she disclosed that the actor is gentle, cool and left her feeling on top of the world when they were done.

Gloria further commented in Mr Ibu’s big belly saying she was bothered as far as she got the money she deserved at the end of the day.

However, the Facebook group is private but the post reads: “The level where I am now two years from now none of you guys will get there even in your next life. I finally had a one night stand with my Mr Ibu he is so cool, sweet and lovely.

All celebrities have their own ways of having s*x, they don’t rush it like all this chewing gum guys we have here.

He shift the pants gently, kiss you romantically and lastly insert it gently. OMG last night was WOW! I felt on top of the world. His pot belle no be here o but me I no send as far as money is involved.”

However, the comic actor Mr Ibu is yet to speak on if he truly had something to do with this young lady. On Friday, September 14, she later changed her display picture on Facebook to a group picture of her and Mr Ibu.


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