Man Narrates How Enugu Policemen Forced him to Withdraw N24,000 on Gun Point

Mr Kingsley Tobiah has narrated how some Policemen at the Enugu State Police Command forced him to Withdraw N24,000 On Gun Point after demanding N200,000 from him.
Although Four out of the Policemen has been Arrested,Mr Sunday said he wants Justice because the Policemen Subjected him to a Traumatic Experience.
“I base in Abuja city. I boarded a commercial bus from Abuja to Enugu on 21/09/2018. We left Abuja by 4pm and we got to opi junction new road at about 12:30am the next morning (the new road linking Enugu town from Nsuka) at a policecheck point along the link road, police stopped the commercial bus I boarded and they searched all passengers. When they searched my hand bag, they saw me with paracetamol, ampecilin capsule and a teeth pain releaf tablet called (hovid clofenac) a tablet I bought in a popular pharmacy in Abuja city”
“On sighting the above tablets in my hand bag, two police men out of the 4 police men we saw at the check point handcuffed me, threatened to take me to drug office and drove me to Enugu town (about 25 killometer from the check point) when we where going, they stopped the car in the middle of bush and the asked me to settle them with 200,000 thousand naira, if not they will take me to drug office. At that point I know I have not committed any crime, so I asked them to take me to drug office. So they where taking me round the bush, as at that 12:30am, I was not feeling safe in their custody because I thought they could kill me and put allegations on my head. So i quickly told them is only 24,000 I have in my GT Bank account. At that point they forced me to unlock my mobile phone and they scroll through my GT Bank account and they Saw 24,000 naira, at that point they drove me to ATM point and they forcefully ask me to withdraw all the 24,000 naira, after I pleaded with them to allow me reserve my transportation to Port Harcourt, they now said that I must go and withdraw 18,000 naira and give them”
“At gunpoint I withdrew the 18,000 and I gave them. They also searched my pocket and they forcefully collected the sum of 15,000 naira totalling 33,000 naira. After the incident the drove me to nearby bus stop and they dropped me. People saw when they dropped me out of the police Hilux vehicle”
“After they dropped me at that 1am in that night hour, some people I narrated the story advised me to go and report at Enugu police control room. I reported the matter at the control room and they referred me to one ASP James in charge of safer high way, Mr James admitted he knows the police team but said those police team are not members of his team.
“Sir I want you to use your office to investigate and fish out those police men that carried out the robbery act. I wanted also reporting this issues to Force headquarters, Nigerian human rights commission and the press but I don’t need to go that long way as I know that your office is capable of handling this matter. From Mr Kingsley Tobiah. I’m a staff of federal University.” He Concluded.


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