Rev Haruna Tutu Dismisses Allegation of Inducing Kaduna State Police Command.



The Saminaka District Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Haruna Tutu has Described as laughable the allegations that he induced the Commissioner of Police in Kaduna State and the DPO of Saminaka Police Station before the Properties of the Registered Trustees of Assemblies Of God Nigeria were released to them Last week.

Rev Tutu in a Statement he signed on Friday and made available to Newsmen said the Police does not need to be Compromised before maintaining Law and Order in a State.

“It is now time I should respond to the TST accusations of 6 million Naira to the DPO Saminaka and 8 million Naira bribe to the Commissioner of police Kaduna”.

“The accusations by the followers of the dismissed and suspended G. S. Rev. Paul Emeka in Saminaka led by Rev. Simon Jomoh who was also suspended and dismissed went viral on Tuesday 2nd Oct, 2018. During the violent protest against the Supreme Court judgement and the Decision of Kaduna State Government to respect the judgment of the Apex court of the land”

They Invaded the police station and blocked the police for over five hours with placards that the DPO was bribed with 6 million Naira and the CP with 8 million Naira.

” In the first place the claims are laughable and comedian in nature. Because one does not need to induce government in any manner for it to respect the Laws in which she made.

” Secondly, as a man of God who by what I preach and by moral discipline cannot ever contaplate that in any imagination . But it will be interesting for the organizers and leaders of that protest to please come forward and tender their evidences for verification. Including the ungodly names the publicly pronounced. Thirdly, It is mandatory for the TST.

“Group to be reminded that when Government clossed down those properties the church led by Rev. Haruna Tutu under the General council of Assemblies of God Nigeria led by Rev. Chidi Okorafor did not protest”

” When two Pastorioums where burnt down TST turggs we did not go on rampage but bear our pains because we know one day the truth shall triumph for us as it is today. The choice is now for whosoever will”


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