Why President Buhari Should Not Be Classified As A Man Of Integrity And Do Not Deserve Second Tenure In Office… By Christopher Fubara


People go to school to acquire knowledge, the knowledge brings understanding and with the understanding you excel in life.

Integrity as a matter of fact is not a subject or course, therefore never offered in any University in the world likewise Wisdom.

Integrity is not only associated with stealing public funds as most people may think. Integrity is consciously developed, but until you have the fear of God on the inside integrity will surely elude you, with the fear of God inside of you, you will be control by the supernatural spirit to walk in Integrity.

The supernatural force inside of you will always ensure you seek right cancel whether in public office or not in decision making in other to do what is right consistently and never dare wrongs. Yes as human beings one is bound to make mistake but should not be too obvious that can’t be corrected within a short possible time or period.

It is ridiculous to hear some journalists who have broad knowledge of  English language because of their daily  usage and the implications arrogate integrity without considering the meaning and its attributes to certain persons if he or she is qualified to be called man or woman of Integrity.


Integrity by dictionary definition is strict adherence to moral values and principles.

That is the quality or state of being whole and unimpaired. (In Latin it is Integritas meaning wholeness)

You can’t walk in integrity with principles only without moral values, both must walk together to archive its goals in ones attitude, behavior and action.

Every action is originated from the mind, your Thought produces your feeling, your feeling produces your action and your action produces results.

Therefore for one to have an integrity you must be capable of distinguishing between right and wrong always. Consistently do what is right and never dare wrongs.



1. Fear of God.

2. Being honest and trust wordy.

3. Being courageous.

4. Never giving up.

5. Adding value to the world.

6. Being Patient.

7. Take personal responsibility.

8. Be prudent.

9. Strict adherence to human rights.

10. Strict adherence to rule of law.

With all humility and respect, President Mohammadu Buhari have none of these qualities to be address as man of INTEGRITY, read below to confirm :


President Buhari is leading Nigerians with despotism, nepotism, totalitarianism, intimidation and tribalism.

President Buhari is the highest tribalism leader Nigeria have ever produced in recent times as this is evidence in his appointments of Security Chiefs, the Independent Electoral Commission Officers, Custom Service etc.

Other Reasons :

1. One of his campaign promises to Nigerians if voted into power was to serve for one tenure in office as President that will end 2019  with hunger every where and joblessness.

2. President Buhari and his Party (APC) does not obey the rule of law, a situation that his personal interest supersedes the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria he sworn to and which brought him to power, eg the bail application order granted to Dasuki by the Federal High Court of Nigeria was flouted and treated with ignominy, and Dasuki is still in detention till date. His attitude and lawlessness is replicated in his Party APC, as the APC in Rivers state also flouted and shunned a Court order with impunity restraining it from conducting LGA Congress.

3. The anti corruption fight as can be seen is targeted mainly on the opposition while heavily corrupted individuals in the ruling APC with evidence of financial indictment are not investigated, eg, Oshiomole, Amachi and others including Senator Akpabio’s case under investigation with the EFCC is now dropped as he defected from the opposition PDP to APC, meaning that if the opposition PDP collapses into the ruling APC the issue of war against corruption will go into oblivion.

4. As part of the war against corruption President Buhari failed to order for the investigation and prosecution of the Ex Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun and the perpetrators of the NYSC exception certificate forgery  that led to her resignation.

5. The President have also failed to call for the investigation and prosecution of those who are involved in the missing trillion in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources which the opposition PDP have called for and no response till date.

6. The President treated the quantum killings of innocent citizens by the Fulani Herdsmen who carry  sophisticated weapons and not tagged terrorists in the middle belt region and its environs with levity.

7. President Buhari exhibited act of tribalism on the IPOB the agitators of Biafra who never carry arms to kill innocent citizens like the Fulani Herdsmen by tagging them terrorists.

8. President Buhari have also failed to bring to pass his promise to Nigerians during his campaign that he will ensure one dollar is equal to #100  if voted into power.

9. It is obvious to note that President Buhari and his APC led government have perfected plans to turn Nigeria into a Totalitarian government through the use of security agents especially Police and DSS, to suppress, intimidate and subdue the main opposition PDP and other political parties in other to into extinct come 2019 general elections. The proof is the teargassing  of opposition stall warts who were on peaceful protest to the Police Headquarters in Abuja over the conduct and activities of security agents in Ekiti and Osun states Governorship Elections which show cased anti Democracy and Fight against Corruption the government in power is chanting.

10. President Buhari  champion of the Fight against Corruption  became  Nigeria Procurement Office (NPO), without the approval of the National Assembly  ordered and paid for a new jet costing billions of Naira for himself. Impunity on display. This is absolute lack of respect to administrative procedure.

11. President Buhari is so autocratic and rambunctious that The rule of law and its interpretation can’t even control him.

12. President Buhari is inapt to manage the affairs of Nigeria and therefore do not deserve a second tenure as he is so inattentive to stop the killings by the Fulani herdsmen going on in the middle belt region. He  is not courageous enough as one of the principles of moral values under integrity to take deceive measure. His intimidation shows he is not a democrat  .


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