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My Acting Journey – RMD


One of Nollywood’s finest actor Richard Mofe Damijo popular as RMD has won best actor in a leading role for the movie ”Crossroads” during the just concluded AMAA Awards in Rwanda, Kigali.

The movie legend reveals how grateful he is and he also shared a little story on his acting career. Read it below…

As a young actor starting out I always wanted to have a voice to do my craft to the best of my abilities. Get lost in it and be able to shine through no matter the pressures of the living conditions in Nigeria. Am so grateful I have managed to live some of my dreams. The awards have come in and to get them in my life time and not posthumously makes me even more grateful. You see, none of my parents made it to be 60 years old. So to be 57 and healthy and winning awards in a profession I love so much just makes me super grateful today. I was at the beautiful new airport in Accra, past 4am using their free WiFi when the news from AMAA AWARDS holding in Kigali came that I won best actor in a leading role for the movie Crossroads. I had won the same award at the very first AMAA AWARDS in Bayelsa. I was later honoured 2 years ago with a lifetime achievement award in acting. Now this. This is me using this opportunity to say thank you to my fans and everybody else that has made my journey a beautiful one. Keep striving and keep believing and God will make everything perfect in His own time. #keepwalkingnigeria #amaaawrds2018 #rmdsaysso #rmdtheactor #nagracederushus #themrxfamilyshow @vomozmedia
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