Alex Otti has gone mad again By Ikechukwu Iroha



Aba residents can testify to the fact that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu moves round the city freely and indeed is the only Governor who resides at Aba, eats with Aba people at places like Ukachi’s Mama put joint and has positively responded to numerous church invitations, walks through otherwise politically volatile places like Faulks road, Ariaria market and indeed all markets in Aba.

On the flip side, Alex Otti is a factional candidate of APGA who comes to Aba during political seasons to lie and mislead for votes. Obviously he has suffered massive reversals in political fortune and is now looking for the next scheme or lie to relaunch his dead on arrival 2019 campaign.

I read with utter amusement the figment of the decayed imagination of Mazi Alex Otti, as scripted by his media aide, Mr Ferdinand Ekeoma, wherein he narrated a fairy tale story of how Governor Ikpeazu was purportedly booed at a crusade ground in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba on Sunday 4th November, 2018.

Even Otti knows such thing never happened. But as a drowning and frustrated man, whose stock in trade is to tell lies, and coupled with the fact that he is yet to recuperate from the massive loss of supporters to PDP, SDP and other political parties, Otti is always now hanging at the political side walks to cook up lies.

Mr Otti who does not reside in Aba is attempting to play on the usual gullibility of the remaining handful of his supporters, when he caused to be published by his spokesman that Governor Ikpeazu was pelted with sachets of water.

Its unfortunate that Otti’s desperation has made him to continue on the wrong political footing with malicious propaganda and lies in utter disdain and disrespect to Abia people and voters. The same way he lied about his Arochukwu origin and also claimed that he obtained a loan of $100b from IFC in 2015 to rebuild Aba where he does not have any investment.

To put the record straight, the Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, was never booed nor was any attempt made to humiliate him at any function. He was led to the programme by Bishop Goddy Okafor of Glorious life Gospel Center and Southeast Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria. Governor Ikpeazu who was welcomed by the congregation, with cheers and resounding applause, later addressed the crowd of worshippers.

One would therefore have wondered where Otti and his stranded aides brought the disjointed rhetorics from, outside his desperately polluted mind, except that most already know that Otti/Abia APGA exist only at Social Media.

Governor Ikpeazu verifiably enjoys the support of Abians and has always been welcomed in every part of Abia State. The infrastructural turnaround he embarked on in Aba has long earned him a special place in the heart of Aba residents, in particular, and Abians in general.

It is also the fact of Governor Ikpeazu’s sterling performance that has completely decimated Otti’s 2015 coalition to the extent that not even one of his 2015 campaign directors still remain with him and all his aides have longed abandoned him except for the stranded Ferdinand Ekeoma and a few other leaches still hoping to suck whatever is left of his ill gotten money.

Let it be known that the plan by the desperate APGA factional candidate, Mr.Alex Otti, to recruit hoodlums to disrupt government activities has already been uncovered. Any attempt to further implement that plan will certainly attract consequences.

Otti and his minions should be warned that any attempt to disrupt government functions with monetarily-induced hoodlums and imported thugs will be decisively dealt with and appropriate sanction and reciprocal actions taken.

Otti and other violent opposition elements in Abia State should not take the peaceful disposition of the Governor for granted as we have long observed the coordinated campaign to seduce some Abians and residents to engage in politically motivated acts of violence.

From his ill advised hate inducing “enough is enough” billboards to his active verifiable recruitment of thugs and hoodlums from other states, Otti must know that he is embarking on a dangerous mission that will surely end in landslide defeat in 2019 and Total humiliation to himself and his rag tag APGA faction in Abia State.


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