Abia Stinks… by Hon. Demain Igbokwe


Christmas has come and gone. A season when most Christians travel to their native homes to be with family, relatives and friends.

As an Igbo man, it’s more like a tradition that one must travel down to the east, no matter the condition of ones pocket at that given time. Most people, start up early savings, to actualize this goal.

I came home this Yuletide period, and like every other Christmas season, I am always faced with handful of activities/occasions to grace. One of it, was the South East APC caucus meeting that held in Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu’s house in Uburu, Ohaozara LGA in Ebonyi State on 30th December 2018.

While we drove out of my home town, Uturu, which is Abia State boundary town with Ebonyi, I knew something is deeply wrong with my home state Abia.

I often wondered if we are cursed as a State, or we are just the cause?
How do one balance the level of inactive and docility of the government of my home State?

In Ebonyi State, the governor took his transformation to even the farmlands.

In Ebonyi, One could feel the presence of a government even within the LGA’s.

In Ebonyi, businesses thrive even around the rural areas that I plied while going for the meeting.

In Ebonyi, the level of the thickness of the asphalted roads, will show you how deep the love of the governor is, for his home State.

In Ebonyi, hotels, springs up on daily basis and to worsen the situation for my dear State,Abia, one of the hotels building under construction is said to be owned by one of the Abia State key government official…I weep for my State.

In Ebonyi, Road construction is tagged at N250M per kilometer due to the soil texture, while in my home State, Abia, it’s tagged at N150M per kilometer, this is also official by the ministry of works. Our monthly allocation is far higher than that of Ebonyi State. What then, is our governor’s excuses?

I do not mean any harm, but while in Abia State University, it was an expensive joke/abuse to tell someone that he/she is an Abakaliki/Ebonyi person. The person sometimes, will be moved to fight for addressing he/she asuch. Today, our government officials loot our money to go buy properties and develop in Ebonyi State. What a shame!

The need to recover and rebuild Abia should be a-topmost agenda for every lover of Igboland.

The dilapidation of Abia, has no zone that is exceptional. In every ramification, Abia is rotten and has so deteriorated.

Anxiety grips the man from Arochukwu that resides in Lagos,Abuja or oversea, once a message come from home that demands his mandatory return to the village.

Same anxiety grips the man from Ukwa, Uturu, IsialaNgwa, Aba, Isuikwuato, Nkporo and every parts of Abia, once their is a mandatory call to be home in Abia.

There is no other reason for this anxiety, than the conditions of the roads in Abia State. They are death 💀 traps. In Isuikwuato, erosion has severed almost all the roads and communities. In Arochukwu, once you manage to get in, no more stepping out of that ancient town till you are leaving the town for that season.

The above situation is not the case of the man in Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and other South eastern States.

Abia don’t only stink, but it’s highly damaged, decayed and fully deteriorated.

It’s time we change the tide, break the chain of rape and slavery, where the television 📺 is in Aba and the remote is in Umuahia.

We need a new leader with a development mindset to build a better Abia of our dream.

I do not want to exhibit arrogance or brag about my candidate but the truth must be told that No single candidate in Abia that has a feasible stake in Our State better than Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah.

We need Dr. Uche Ogah this 2019 to change the tide of our dear State. He is a VISIONAIRE and A CONSUMMATE ADMINISTRATOR WITH CONTENT AND CAPACITY.



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